St. Edward’s pool should stay afloat

St. Edward’s pool should stay afloat

Everyone in my homeowner association (McDonald Highlands) received the agenda for the next Friends of St. Edward Park meeting. The big news on the agenda is that the swimming pool at St. Edward’s Park is scheduled to close on March 31.

The St. Edward’s Pool is a community treasure and it would be horrible if the pool closed. Kids take swimming lessons there and the pool staff conduct summer camps for area children, retired folks participate in the exercise programs and open swims, the Inglemoor High swim teams train/practice there, families swim there and many adults work out during the lap swimming times.

I lap swim at the pool several times a week. Please do some research and print a story; it has been rumored for years that the State Parks has not wanted to be in the pool business, so I am hopeful that they are not using state finances as an excuse to close the pool. (They could increase user fees, perhaps close one day week or slightly curtail hours, seek more external funding, etc., to make up for any financial issues … if that is an issue.) Northwest Center has managed the pool very well the past five years or so, and I am hopeful that this wonderful community resource can be kept open.

Chris Tracy