Revisiting Reporter’s accident article

Revisiting Reporter’s accident article

I’d like to comment on your story about Nicole Lehtinen. The focus was almost totally on the fence in disrepair.

Nicole’s death is truly a tragedy.

The road was in good shape. The corner is not a sharp one. I don’t believe weather was an issue. As far as we know, the car didn’t malfunction. As of last I heard, drugs and alcohol were not involved. Since the accident happened at 6 a.m., lack of sleep could be an issue.

The un-mended fence is unfortunate, but it didn’t jump out and get Nicole. Can anyone state for a fact that if it had been in good repair, something different would have happened? Stranger things have happened. Accidents and the results are not 100 percent predictable.

The driver could be responsible — why was so little said about that? Was she inexperienced, maybe even driving on a “limited/graded” license?

Instead, the city of Kenmore has become the culprit. An un-mended fence is an eyesore, but hardly responsible for someone’s death. We all know that cities have their hands full keeping up with repair and maintenance. What can Kenmore do but pay? Does money ease grief?

Death is final. We need to grieve with Nicole’s family and friends, and especially her driver friend who has to live with this the rest of her life. But let’s drop the blame talk — nothing will bring Nicole back — and unitedly focus on how to help.

Heather Ewald


Backpacks for Kids was a success

School begins Sept. 2 in the Northshore School District, and thanks to an impressive community-wide effort, every student will arrive ready to learn. Through the generosity of our community, approximately 700 students will be able to start the year with basic and necessary supplies.

Northshore School District would like to express heartfelt appreciation to all who played a role in responding to every need during this year’s Backpacks for Kids campaign. Countless students and families; community groups, businesses and civic organizations; and Northshore School District staff backed this valuable program in myriad ways, each individually and collectively generating an impressive effort of support.

We give thanks to the Northshore Kiwanis and the Education Committee of the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce. Our two community partners were instrumental with planning, executing and maintaining fiscal responsibility for the summer campaign.

We give thanks to our major donors for their continuous support: COSTCO, Pawprint Promotions, Hanna Andersson, MoonDog Embroidery, Power Zone Fitness and Scotsman Guide. Your major donations provided the foundation for our program.

We give thanks to the many community merchants, civic organizations, church groups, private donors and Northshore staff whose donations of money and supplies provided the substance of our program. Each year your overwhelming support allows us to fulfill the promise that all kids will begin the school year prepared and eager for learning.

We give thanks to Banner Bank of Bothell and Woodinville for collecting monetary donations and working with the Northshore Kiwanis to provide the fiscal support for this large campaign.

We give thanks to the many Northshore School District teams who assisted with the running of our program: communications, transportation, graphics and warehouse. Each part you played was integral in creating a smoothly run program.

We give thanks to those individuals, families and groups who helped gather and sort supplies and assemble backpacks, including students representing Bear Creek, Cottage Lake, Fernwood, Woodmoor, Canyon Park, Leota, Northshore, Timbercrest, Bothell, Inglemoor and Woodinville — Melissa Hough, Audrey Phillips, Julie, Mitchell, Nina, Danica and Justine Schoenbacher, Katie Bossio, Angelina Cervantes, Joanne and Nate Jackson and Zach Schmersahl, Darcy, Ashley and Matt Day, Kyla Lakin, Phan, Alan and Sarah Bach, Nick Martindell, and Austen and Danyelle Harp; community members Debra Martin, Laura Gardner, Andrea Armstrong and Valerie, Rachel and Rebecca Clayton; Woodinville Chamber members Pam Renn, Ken Kirkpatrick, Darcy Barham, Jeanie and Bob Rash, David Ormerod, Pat Scott, John Erdman and Doug Hale; Northshore Kiwanis members Cathy and Ethan Jones, Tom and Bobbi Traeger, Peg Dowd and Pat Parkhurst; and Northshore staff including Larry Francois, Karen Orsinger, Dave Neubert and Jennifer Aguilar.

And lastly we give thanks to our supporters in our Bothell, Kenmore and Woodinville communities who served as donation drop-off sites. Bothell sites included Alexa’s Café, BECU, Banner Bank, Bothell First Lutheran Church, Bothell United Methodist Church, Café Ladro, city of Bothell (City Hall, Dawson Building and Police Department) and Bothell fire stations No. 42, 44 and 45, Curves for Women, Kozy Corner Café, Northshore Senior Center, Northshore YMCA, Northshore Administration and Support Services buildings, Northwest Center Pool and Starbucks.

Thanks, too, to our supporters in Kenmore: BECU, Kenmore Chiropractic. Kenmore City Hall, Ostrom’s Drug and Gift, Spring Estates and Starbucks.

And finally, thanks to our supporters in Woodinville: Banner Bank, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Brittany Park, Carol Edwards Center, Cascade Bank, Curves for Women, First Mutual Bank, Gathering Fabric, Hanna Andersson, Starbucks, Willows Lodge, Woodinville Chamber of Commerce, Woodinville City Hall and Woodinville Weekly.

Again, thank you for your generous spirit and support. The tremendous success of the Backpacks for Kids campaign was due to your commitment to our youths.

Cecilia Shumate,

Northshore School District

Pat Parkhurst,

Northshore Kiwanis

Doug Hale,

Woodinville Chamber

Education Committee