Give the bikini baristas a break

Give the bikini baristas a break

I have met the enemy — and a pretty girl in a bikini is not it. As far as I’m concerned, if even one person’s day is made less stressful by the sight of a barista in a bikini, it’s a good thing. So be nice to them. This kind of diversity is good for Bothell!

David Michelangelo, Bothell

Looking into the SOBA situation

Regarding this SOBA (South of Bothell Annexation), I went to the Kirkland meetings when they were seriously thinking about doing this. With Kirkland, it’s like on again off again and currently it’s on again.

The majority of the people attending felt like they wanted to be a part of a community. I don’t think they cared which one. I personally didn’t like Kirkland’s plan for the simple reason their only reason was “tax revenue” they were anticipating in getting.

After their review, it looked like they would have $2m shortfall, so it was put on hold. They appeared to me very unorganized in the effort. It seemed like all the responses to the questions were “we haven’t decided.” One response that was voiced which I didn’t like, was that they would try to only annex the business districts if the budget was such that they couldn’t provide the resources to support the new area (police, fire, etc.) Of course they would benefit from the retail tax in those areas.

There was strong opposition to the area being annexed by the current residents of Kirkland (I was told there is a Web site) they were afraid they would have to support us and their already high taxes would go up more.

I would vote “NO” for annexation by Kirkland.

arbury, from the Web

Unemployment equals opportunity

For the jobless, use this freedom of time to educate your way to a better job. Go back to school and learn a new skill set. A little known opportunity grant exists for recently laid-off workers that qualify for unemployment benefits. If you apply in the first 60 days after getting your award, you may get the opportunity to go to college and keep getting your unemployment checks with out having to log your work-search efforts. Check www.go2ui.com and look for worker retraining information.

I have taken that opportunity and I’m learning skills that will land me jobs making Web applications. Cascadia Community College is a great place to learn.


from the Web