Science, dancing are on their minds

Thank goodness for choices.

Thank goodness for choices.

So many times, we’re offered ideas and activities to partake in via the media, friends or classmates. We may not agree with or are interested in everything that’s out there, and that’s where creativity and soul-searching comes into play.

I’ve always looked about for an alternative — and I always will when it comes to music, books or whatever else comes across the pike. (OK, some “popular” TV shows do find their way onto my television set, so I guess I’m guilty of following the crowd sometimes.)

Speaking of music — and dancing (not one of my personal favorites, however) — I’ve got to applaud the folks over at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for putting on their own dinner-dance recently.

Inglemoor High student and organizer Ashley Marcelis rounded up 550 like-minded teens who wanted to do their own “clean” thing, far away from the stereotypical “dirty dancing” and drinking that is known to happen at high-school dances.

They are not ashamed of their beliefs, and they dressed to the nines and had a good old time. They joined together to “Take a Walk on Boardwalk” at their Monopoly themed event — they confidently passed “Go” when they walked in and didn’t need any “Get Out of Jail Free” cards at the end of the night.

There weren’t only kids of the Mormon faith at the event, either, which is even a bigger deal because it shows that people are willing to break out of their normal box and enjoy a good time with other groups of people.

• Kudos also goes out to the Bothell High science team, which took first place at the state competition and qualifies for nationals.

With all the attention we give our local sports teams around here, it’s refreshing to report on students doing their “own” sport well. It’s not your “typical” thing to be concentrating on when Friday night rolls around — with all the fans flocking to Pop Keeney Field and all — but it’s as natural as can be for them.

• Also check out our cover story on the fight against human trafficking. Definitely not your normal cause to stand behind around these parts, but students have become involved to the hilt and brought others along with them.

You see, there’s something out there for everyone.