Something needs to be done about parking in downtown Bothell | Letter

I want the city to take notice that something needs to be done with parking. My husband and I wanted to escape from the kids for a quick date – just a glass of wine is all we had time for.

We drove for 25 minutes starting at 6:30 p.m. around Bothell just trying to find a place to park to no avail.

We started to go to Amaro, but couldn’t find a spot within three blocks, so we headed to McMenamins and even Pop Keeney parking was full so we left there. We ended up going to Woodinville for the shortest date ever as we spent a good portion of our time looking for someplace to park.

If we are going to build crazy amounts of housing and build up social areas we need to include more parking so those of us who live in Bothell can actually enjoy Bothell.

Kristin Eis, Bothell