The new Left | Letter

There seems to be lots of whining, protesting, rioting and property damage by the losing side of our last U.S. federal election in November. This unprecedented, but sanctioned anarchy is being instigated by anarchists, socialists, Marxists, communists, fascists, many in the dwindling Democrat Party, and of course, George Soros.

Before the Nov. 8 federal election, they tried rioting and threatening electors, then they claimed the Russians hacked the voting machines. When all that failed, they came up with a new ploy, Donald Trump’s win isn’t legitimate because the Russians interfered in the election in favor of Trump, so the electors shouldn’t vote for him.

Gerald Miller, Redmond

But let’s be clear, they didn’t vote illegally, they didn’t hack the voting machines, no, what the Russians are being accused of is hacking the e-mails that WikiLeaks released.

In other words, according to the Democrats, the electors should overturn the results of a legitimately won election, because the Russians exposed the lies, the deceit, the corruption, and collusion, of the Clinton campaign, the DNC and the media.

This lawlessness cannot be justified. Get over it. We independents and conservatives had to deal with eight years of Barak Obama, so you can quietly deal with four years of Donald Trump. Barak Obama is/was much farther from center than Donald Trump.

Going forward, if the Left really wants to survive and grow back a healthy, sustainable base, then you need to distance yourself from radical influences and move your party back to the center (i.e. pre-Obama).

Gerald Miller, Redmond