Think twice before snapping those pics

Embracing technology is cool. Abusing it is unwise.

Embracing technology is cool. Abusing it is unwise.

If you’ve got a picture of yourself, be careful who you send it to via e-mail or cell phone — and by all means, be fully dressed in the snapshot.

Sounds simple, right? But apparently a pair of Bothell High girls couldn’t keep some nude and semi-nude pictures to themselves, school officials got a hold of them and now the students’ story is being told locally and nationally. I know some youngsters wish for exposure on the “American Idol” stage or on their campus, but this is ridiculous.

First off, why were the pictures even taken? Don’t kids have better things to do with their time? We’re not all saints out there, but I’d like to think that the majority of us know where to draw the line between having fun and putting ourselves and our families on the hot seat.

These kids clearly made the wrong choice, and I hope they’ll learn from their mistake. It will take time for this to blow over — let’s hope it eventually does — and they’ll have to be strong to get through the sneers and jokes that are fired their way on the high-school campus. High school is tough enough to deal with sometimes, and it won’t get any easier for the two girls.

We all want to be cool and gain attention in others’ eyes, but there are better ways to gain points than by unleashing questionable photos.

What about putting your brain to good use by attending Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe’s town-hall meetings? I was out at the North Creek Events Center at the University of Washington, Bothell/Cascadia Community College last Wednesday and was impressed with the Inglemoor and Bothell students’ knowledge of the issues. They voiced their opinions on topics like the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL) and the Reducing All Prejudice (RAP) school club.

They showed intelligence with their comments and seemed happy to be there amongst their peers. You can gain the attention of a possible friend, boyfriend or girlfriend by using smarts — yes, it does work.

And what about the Inglemoor Key Club students who banded together to serve dinner and visit with the Tent City IV residents at a Kirkland church two weeks ago? Showing that you care about others is a pretty attractive quality, as well.

These are easy ways to fit in and make friends, so just get out there and give these events a try. Achieving coolness is just a step inside the door.