What’s happening out there, readers?

Are you out there?

Are you out there?

We hope so, because it’s time to sound off, chip in — comment on a story.

Let us know what you think of our product or something you’ve read in the Reporter. Give us a sign that you’re reading the paper and are concerned about what’s happening in Bothell and Kenmore.

The cost of a new Kenmore city hall? Low-impact development (LID) in Bothell? Talented Northshore athletes, students or musicians? Everything’s on the table for discussion, and we’re here to listen and get your message out there.

And, guess what? It’s easy, you just need to take a little time out of your busy day and speak up. There’s two ways to let your opinion be known: visit our Web sites at www.bothell-reporter.com or www.kenmore-reporter.com and chime in on the comments section of our stories; or you can drop me a line at anystrom@reporternewspapers.com.

It took a while, but the comment sections are getting regular hits, especially regarding the LID story we ran last issue. It appears my sound-off blurbs in recent issues have done the trick, and people are flocking to the Web.

Keep it up because this is the kind of stuff journalists live for: feedback and healthy conversation. But remember, keep it civil on there, state your point and give a close read to others’ comments, as well.

We all won’t agree, but we’ll chat and maybe we’ll learn something from each other along the way.

Speaking of our Web sites, have you noticed all the action on there lately?

We’ve got regular updates on stories or the addition of new stories that either didn’t make the paper or are posted in advance of an upcoming issue.

There’s also videos that will focus on community events, anything from sports to news. Let us know if you’ve got an interesting event that is video-worthy and we’ll try and check it out.

While we’re the ones putting out the paper and maintaining the Web site, you’re the ones who can help us out in so many ways. Like I’ve said before, people in the community are our reporters, as well. So put a bug in our ear and we’ll run with it.

In the meantime, visit the Web site often, and hopefully you’ll find something you like on there. And, you know, let us know what you think.