Commission Hero AI Reviews (Robby Blanchard) Effective or Waste of Money?

What is the odd chance that you wondered about having a more positive financial position? If it is high, this is a thought that controls many people’s minds. Why wouldn’t it, with heightened inflation, unaffordable rent, and even the basics far from one’s reach? Social media has a way of easing the mind, but at the same time, the increasing audience also means sponsorships, expanded revenue channels, and so much more. How does one go about getting to a point in their internet marketing career where revenue generation is almost automatic? Getting to the top requires taking baby steps, one of which could be starting with Commission Hero AI.

What is Commission Hero AI?

Commission Hero AI is a 6-week masterclass developed by the number one ClickBank affiliate, Robby Blanchard. According to Robby, the brand-new 3-step system that serves as the foundation for this masterclass has since helped regular people make thousands of dollars in online income this year alone. What makes this system unique is that individuals do not have to spend so much time brainstorming, whether in terms of products, webinars, websites, email lists, social media following, or any prior experience whatsoever. To better understand what benefits people can expect from taking a course of this nature, let’s go over its contents.

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How has Commission Hero AI been structured?

Commission Hero AI has been organized to allow users to access the following types of resources:

Component 1: 6-week Hero AI Masterclass

The first component of the Commission Hero AI masterclass entails six weeks of training and coaching designed to help users get on the right track to becoming master affiliates. The acquired knowledge will help individuals change their financial situations for the better. At the time of writing, very little has been disclosed in terms of content; however, all the necessary information will be presented once an investment has been made.

Component 2: 12 Months of Access to Hero AI Software

The second component introduces users to the software responsible for generating consistent income. With access to the software, less time and effort will be needed for manual work. Aside from shortcuts, the Hero AI software can write ads and creatives and set them up, allow users to customize their tools, and provide insight on how to build a large audience.

Component 3: ATM Traffic Training

The third component focuses on scalability. In this particular training segment, users will learn how to scale up ads on Facebook and YouTube. Matter-of-factly, Robby insists that he has thrown in several secret tips and tricks that have personally helped him generate profitable traffic. Along with these secrets, the ATM Traffic Training includes a step-by-step blueprint to get started.

Component 4: GoldMine Offers

GoldMine Offers, as hinted in the title, helps users identify winning offers that are guaranteed to generate income. In order to eliminate any uncertainty, Robby and his team have carefully selected offers they feel have the greatest potential of generating income exceeding $250,000. Once such an offer has been found, users need to consider scalability, which is how the bulk of the money is made.

Component 5: Hero AI Coaching Group

The fifth component is access to a private coaching group, where people can meet like-minded individuals on the same journey. In Robby’s experience, having access to a community of this nature is invaluable and can really heighten one’s perspective and really open one’s mind. The best part is that Robby himself occasionally checks in with this group to answer queries and share additional training, interviews, and a lot more.

Component 6: 7-Figure Case Studies

The sixth component is all about analyzing successful case studies of students who have succeeded in using this system so far. The surprising part is that these are all real stories of ordinary people who trusted the process and committed to the entire masterclass from start to finish.

Component 7: Rapid Scale Training

The last, and possibly the third, angle on scalability is available in the seventh component of Commission Hero AI. Robby’s goal for this component is to demonstrate how people making $500 can make $5,000 per day and more. This largely entails understanding the steps to setting up scalable campaigns.

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In addition to the entirety of the Commission Hero AI masterclass, users will receive bonuses such as:

Bonus #1: Access to Our Next Virtual Event

Robby is offering everyone a chance to attend his next virtual event, through which more success stories are shared. This two-day event will be filled with insider training, coaching, and strategies disclosed first-hand by experts making millions from affiliate marketing. These are people who are easily making six and seven figures.

Bonus #2: 6-Week YouTube Masterclass

The second bonus is a 6-week masterclass that covers YouTube and Facebook. Why do these two platforms matter? These platforms are imperative for scaling up and accelerating results while keeping in line with up-to-date tactics.

Bonus #3: Hero AI Landing Page Builder

For those who have been using expensive landing page builders, the time has come to give them up, as this bonus provides a completely free landing page builder. Users can create winning landing pages swiftly thanks to the integration of AI.

Bonus #4: One-Click DFY Landing Pages

Besides access to the free landing page builder, individuals will also receive preloaded templates that have been proven repeatedly to help make seven figures. In other words, these plug-and-play templates are trusted to make a positive difference, luring in more clicks.

Bonus #5: Full Access to Spy Hero

Up next, we have Spy Hero, which is a great research tool for running ads. As noted by Robby and his team, users will be able to “spy, research, and use information to create [their] own ads for all platforms like Facebook and YouTube.”

Bonus #6: The Hero AI App

The Hero AI app was developed to ensure that users can easily access the course and its many resources on the go. As a member, individuals will be upgraded to the VIP app, which works for both iOS and Android devices.

Bonus #7: TikTok Profits Training

Given how much popularity TikTok has gained as a social media platform, it only makes sense to learn the ins and outs of using this source, right? Naturally, Robby added it to his list of favorite social media platforms, which, as we know, already include Facebook and YouTube.

Bonus #8: Upgrade for Lifetime Access to Hero AI

Robby is so confident that Commission Hero AI will have a dramatic effect on one’s income-generating potential that he has decided to upgrade people’s access to the entire software. For those who join today, lifetime access is guaranteed.

Bonus #9: First Campaign On Us

To make Commission Hero AI an attractive investment, Robby has decided to offer access to a secretive Facebook account that has been preloaded with $250 in ad credits.

Bonus #10: Get A Vacation on US

In addition to practically paying for users’ first campaign, Robby is also including a vacation voucher that can be used on one of over 200 destinations of one’s choosing. The dollar value of this voucher, unfortunately, remains unknown as this is being written.

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Bonus #11: BOGO – Hero AI Membership

Finally, we have the BOGO – Hero AI membership, which allows users to onboard their friends. In particular, people who join today can bring in one other person for the same price.


How does the Commission Hero AI on-demand training work?

For a limited time, more about the Commission Hero AI can be learned by joining the on-demand training. During this training, Robby and his team will emphasize:

  • How important it is to join the “quiet revolution” of ordinary people tapping into the abundance available online
  • How current students are using this system to bring in $1,000 to $19,000 daily
  • How the Hero AI software simplifies the process of generating income online

How much does Commission Hero AI cost?

The Commission Hero AI masterclass, coupled with the multitude of resources, is available for a one-time price of $2,497. If this is a large sum to fork up, individuals also have the option to resort to the three-payment plan of $997. Finally, each purchase has been protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If this system does not prove to be anything Robby and his team advertise, customer service can be reached for a full purchase price refund. To see how long this holds, individuals are advised to contact the team directly at support@robbyblanchard.com.

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Meet Robby Blanchard

Robby Blanchard is the founder and creator of the Commission Hero AI masterclass, namely the Hero AI software. Before this milestone, Robby was nothing more than an old-school gym owner. He grew up in a small town in Massachusetts before attending Fitchburg State College, where he specialized in exercise science. After graduating with his MBA, he took the conventional approach and kicked off a gym called CrossFit Reach. It was at this point that he realized that “the built it and they will come” belief was simply outdated.

This led him to play around with paid Facebook ads, which, after some experimentation, led to significant growth in his gym business. As much as the business was kicking off, he couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if he committed to internet marketing. Let’s just say the rest is history. Becoming an affiliate on ClickBank turned to developing his proprietary Facebook advertising methodology and eventually helping other online businesses thrive. Here are a few words from his entire team:

“Blanchard Media works with businesses that have proven offers and are looking to blow past the 7- or 8-figure mark and expand their sphere of influence to a global level. Our holistic “start at the finish line” methodology for creating highly targeted, personal, memorable (and therefore highly effective) ad campaigns is the secret weapon our clients are using to grow their businesses like clockwork.”

Final Verdict

Ultimately, Robby Blanchard is an expert when it comes to ad campaigns, and he appears to have filled Commission Hero AI with all his impressive secrets and tactics. During the six-week masterclass, individuals will come to learn of the automated system that he managed to create while building upon the fundamentals of internet marketing, whether it be scalability, using different social media platforms, using landing page templates, or increasing traffic, to list a few. To think that money can be earned with as little effort and experience as possible is jaw-dropping, not to mention the limited requirements.

All things considered, a handful of successful track records don’t guarantee success for all. This is something that even Robby and his team have reiterated. The goal of this course is to provide several shortcuts while allowing users to put the software to the test. In some cases, the possibility of making money is high, but in others, it might not be. And this is just the reality of things, which we believe should be in the back of everyone’s minds. To learn more about Commission Hero AI, visit here! >>>.


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