Canoe and kayak racers compete on Sammamish River in Bothell

Ninety-three racers competed in two-, five- and 10-kilometer distances at the Cascade Canoe & Kayak Distance Race on Oct. 26 on the Sammamish River in Bothell.

In the U12 5k, local Cascade kayakers Leo Ciuca placed first in a time of 31:51.0 and Aadhavan Nandakumar third in 34:29.0. Cascade masters kayaker Joanna Crocker placed second in 5k in 54:07.0. Cascade canoeist and USA Team member Lia Gaetano (ranked 16th in the world) dominated C1 Women 10k, winning first place in 1:01.35.0. Also in 10k action, U14 kayakers from Cascade, Aadhithyan Nandakumar, took first in a time of 59:39.0, while Preston Albertsen placed third in 1:05.50.0.

The Cascade Canoe & Kayak Team is based at the Blue Heron Landing Marina on the Sammamish River in Bothell.