Inglemoor players are ready to slug up a storm

Viking seniors discuss fastpitch softball and life.

Speed, defense and hitters who can slug for power and also play it smart by moving runners along the basepaths.

That’s senior Camryn Scott’s assessment of the 2019 Inglemoor High Vikings fastpitch softball team.

Mix in some pitching from Viks like senior Taylor Waara — a second-team all-4A KingCo selection last year — and they’re ready to roll.

“We’re a very competitive team, especially at the plate. We’re very aggressive and we’re not afraid to just put ourselves out there and do the best we can,” Waara said. “I’m expecting good things from myself. I trust my defense, too, so I’m not afraid to let some hits get by.”

Inglemoor is coming off an 11-7 overall season and 9-4 KingCo campaign last year, one which saw junior outfielder O’Nalisa Hall earn second-team honors and seniors Scott and Hailey King named honorable mentions.

“It’s a really competitive conference, but we do our best and we have a lot of fun,” said catcher King. “Just working together as a team.”

Added Scott, an outfielder: “I think it’s that we get along together, we know each other’s strengths and we work with those. A big part is being together in the dugout, too, getting your teammates (energized).”

Another senior, third baseman Kennadi Wuebel, transferred from Bothell High following her sophomore year and feels that being welcomed into the Inglemoor fold and blending in with the players and coaches is a huge highlight of her time with the Viks.

“I think that this year, just having all of us work together and communicate and be a team — have each other’s back — will really be a big thing to help us move forward in KingCo,” she said.

In an 8-7 victory over Juanita on March 15, senior Mary Fletcher nailed a walkoff single and a home run, junior Sophia Fike had four hits, sophomore Caroline Pohl had two hits, Hall had two hits and Waara had two hits.

The Reporter asked the Viking senior foursome a few questions to get a glimpse into their lives:

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Waara: As a pitcher, look forward to the next pitch. If the last one was bad, forget about it, you’re going to the next one. If it was good, forget about it, you’re going to the next one. It’s always a new pitch and you can’t dwell on the last one.

King: To play the sport, you have to have a strong mind and be able to forget about the last thing that happened. If you strike out, you just gotta shake it off and move on and know that the person next up is gonna have your back and they’re gonna get a hit for you.

Scott: Something that I try to live by is everything happens for a reason. I guess it could apply to the game, too. If you strike out, maybe it wasn’t gonna be your time and your next batter will always pick you up.

Wuebel: Lead by your actions and work as hard as you can in anything you’re doing.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Waara: I’ve got a lot. I like to live by treat others the way you wanna be treated, so when someone’s not treating the other person like they would wanna be treated, that kind of annoys me.

King: When you’re merging on the freeway and people don’t look at you and they just try to maneuver their way in front of you, or don’t let you in at all. And then just act like you’re not there.

Scott: This might be weird, but I don’t like when people bite string cheese, you’re supposed to string it. It’s called string cheese for a reason.

Wuebel: When you’re in a big crowd and people walk too slow.

What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Waara: This is gonna sound so silly, ever since I was little, I’ve loved the movie “101 Dalmatians.” But my favorite modern one is probably “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the moment.

King: “High School Musical 3.”

Scott: “Almost Famous.”

Wuebel: “Christmas with the Kranks.”