Ageless Knees Review (Chris Ohocinski) Real Program or Fake Results?

Knee pain and other joint issues can cripple you physically and financially. Most people suffering from knee issues spend almost their entire lifetime taking painkillers or find they are consistently purchasing expensive medications.

Surgery and pain-numbing injections can put a dent in your wallet. You may also require special mobility aids such as wheelchairs or crutches. A New England Journal of Medicine publication reveals that over 80% of patients who underwent joint surgery do not get the desired benefits or results from the surgery.

Ageless Knees is an innovative program using science-based methods to eliminate chronic knee problems and pain. How does the system work? How effective is it in numbing knee joint pain? Please read the review below to learn about Ageless Knees, including its price, effectiveness, and benefits.

What is the Ageless Knees Program?

Ageless Knees is a digital program by a nationally certified and state-licensed trainer, Chris Ohocinski, who is now a Supervisor of Sports Medicine in the White Hall-Coplay school district. Chris uses a unique pain-numbing electro-acupuncture device proven to reduce knee pain significantly. It uses science-backed methods to activate the dormant femoral nerve, augmenting better blood movement, nutrient delivery, and stronger synovial joints.

According to Chris, you only require seven minutes daily to utilize the massage wand and alleviate knee pain. It comes with expert-formulated moves that bolster the nerves around the knees. The movements are simple-beginner-friendly, age-friendly, and gentle. You can utilize the same exercises on other body parts to fight chronic joint pain.

The Ageless Knees program is comprehensive and intended to fight the pain and inflammation interfering with your mobility. You can utilize the exercises regardless of age or knee damage severity. The developer claims the program may protect you against unnecessary surgeries, injections, and medications.

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How Does the Ageless Knees Program?

The Ageless Knees program contains digital guides, videos, and an electro-acupuncture massage wand. The coach states that wear and tear is not the primary cause of knee problems. Instead, a sedentary lifestyle, environmental changes, and bad eating habits are the major causes of knee pain and issues. How does it work?

The Ageless Knees is a simple seated towel routine that silences knee pain in under 60 seconds, allowing you to enjoy physical activities without pain. The creator claims the program activates the femoral nerves, which naturally rebuild the cartilage and other knee parts.

Archaeological evidence shows that the ancient men’s knees were in perfect condition regardless of age. Today, young people and even children have trouble with their knees. Thus, wear and tear are not the only factors that cause debilitating joints.

The primary nerves on the legs or the femoral nerve are critical in enhancing mobility and flexibility. It runs from the lumbar spine to the front of the legs and controls the quadriceps muscles and hip flexors. In summary, the femoral nerve aids you in squatting, lunging, and walking. It stabilizes the knee joints and carries electrical signals that stimulate muscle movement.

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In the past, the ancient man was more active and did a lot of squatting and sprinting. Consequently, the femoral nerve remained active and threw minimal knee issues. The modern man moves very little, which makes the femoral nerve inactive. Therefore, it fails to fire the different electrical signals as required, leading to chronic knee problems.

A study at the University of California concludes that weak quadriceps primarily cause knee pain. The Ageless Knees program helps activate the femoral nerves and strengthens the quadriceps muscles, leading to better knee movement.

The developer of the Ageless Knees program argues that simple movements plus daily massages can stimulate optimal blood movement throughout the knee. It aids in delivering the required movements and combating swelling. Keeping the femoral nerve active enhances stimulus communication and improves knee health.

Performing the Ageless knee movements can improve the structures around the knees, including the cartilage, tendons, and synovial fluid. It can offer protection against knee joint decay, allowing you to enjoy activities requiring flexibility and mobility regardless of age. Better knee health promotes healthy moods, sleep, and overall wellness.

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How Does the Ageless Knees Massage Wand Work

Massages have always helped reduce numbness and pain. Most cultures use specific devices and essential oils to manage joints and alleviate decay. The Ageless Knees electro-acupuncture massage wand fights knee pain and activates the femoral nerves. The creator claims it utilizes the science of electro-acupuncture to activate dormant nerves, stimulate blood movement, and strengthen the knee muscles.

Studies prove that electrode acupuncture can improve the knee’s physical function and numb pain in patients with osteoarthritis. The massage wand releases electric currents in the body that fights pain without poking skin holes or using complex machines.

It would help if you used the massage wand and the Ageless Knees movements to augment the connection between the quadriceps and femoral nerve. The creator argues the massage wand and exercise are gentle, fast, and effective.

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What is Inside the Ageless Knees Program?

1. Ageless Knees DVD

Chris Ohocinski is a state-licensed and certified athletic trainer based in the US. The Ageless Knees DVD contains coaching and follow-along videos to help you perform movements that enhance femoral health and silence knee pain. Chris claims the movements are simple, beginner-friendly, and ideal for people of all ages.

You can perform the knee support workouts at home without any equipment. Additionally, the Ageless Knees DVD has a series of sequence and knee rehab routines designed to strengthen the quadriceps and rejuvenate the other knee parts. Further, the simple knee workouts encourage optimal blood movement, strengthen the knee muscles, and alleviate inflammations. You should perform the exercises as demonstrated by Coach Chris to prevent knee damage.

2. Ageless Knees Digital Downloads

According to Coach Chris, the digital downloads offer instant access to the coaching and flow-along videos. You do not have to wait as the developer ships the physical copy to your address. The Ageless Knees digital downloads are compatible with smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers. The creator sends the download link immediately after payment. Just press the play button to start performing the knee-enhancing simple movements.

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3. Ageless Knees Digital Handbook

Most people are unaware of the lifestyle and diet habits of eating away at their knees and joints. The Ageless Knees handbook comprehensively explains the causes of most knee problems and how simple lifestyle changes can protect your joints. The author helps in demystifying the myths that surround knee problems. Additionally, Coach Chris provides tips that can augment joint health through the Ageless Knees handbook.

4. Miracle Massage Wand

The miracle massage wand is equipment that can enhance your knee health. It is expert-designed and manufactured in an approved lab in the US. The miracle massage wand uses the science of electrical signals to jumpstart the femoral nerve and silence knee pain instantly.

Research from reputable organizations such as Johns Hopkins University, University of Michigan, and King’s College London agree that low-level electric currents can block pain signals from reaching the pain.

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The miracle massage wand is user-friendly and safe. It does not cause users any discomfort. The creators claim you will experience a gentle tickle that is bearable. The Ageless Knees massage wand is lightweight, portable, and age-friendly.

5. Ageless Knees Exercise PDF

The Ageless Knees PDF provides a short description of each movement. The visual description ensures you perform the exercises correctly without straining the knee joints.

6. 3-Minute Morning Knee Flow

Coach Chris argues that most people experience pain in the morning. The 3-minute morning flow workout aims at fighting sore and stiff knees. You can perform the movement before leaving your bed to stimulate blood movement, lubricate the joints, and enhance mobility.

Ageless Knee Pricing

The Ageless Knee program can be purchased on the official website for $67.00. The physical products should be received within 3-7 days after payment, and the digital downloads are accessible immediately after payment.

A 60-day money-back guarantee covers the Ageless Knees program. Customers can contact the creator at:

  • https://criticalbenchhelp.zendesk.com/
  • https://www.clkbank.com/#!/

Final Word

The Ageless Knees program combines simple movements and a massage wand to enhance knee health. Chris claims the program activates the femoral nerves, strengthens the knee muscles, and rejuvenates other areas. It can combat pain, inflammation, and poor blood flow, thus providing healthy knees without medication. The Ageless Knees program can also protect you from unwanted surgery and dependence on painkillers.

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