Keep the Shelton View Forest natural for all of us | Letter

I am writing you folks regarding the ongoing process of trying to keep the Shelton View Forest natural for all of us and now allow to be sold off to developers. This is truly a very unique area with it being so natural and also right here in our own “backyard”. I have been there probably several hundred times over the last four or five years with our dogs.

It also gives me a time and space to reflect and get away from the “concrete jungle” and electronics.

On a personal note, since I lost my dad in January of this year, it gives me a very special time to think about him as he spent countless hours over his life walking their dogs in the woods. I am very thankful to have that opportunity to do that.

Thank you so much for any help that you can give us in keeping this area natural and for the use of all.

Richard LeClair, Bothell