Top 7 Best Melatonin Supplements For Adults in 2024

When you experience sleep difficulties, whether that be occasional sleeplessness or chronic insomnia, they can have an extremely negative impact on your life. Many people will turn to a dietary supplement or natural sleep aid to combat this, as they are safe and effective ways to treat the issue.

Though not all dietary supplements are the same, melatonin supplements are easily the best. Johns Hopkins Medicine has taken melatonin supplements listed in its five best ways to help you sleep.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the human brain that controls sleep, so taking melatonin can help you combat everything from mild sleep disturbances to underlying sleep disorders. The question is, how do you know which synthetic melatonin supplement to use?

Getting it wrong won’t provide the desired results, as regular or extended-release melatonin supplements work differently. That is why we have made our guide to the very best melatonin supplements, to help everyone find the ideal sleep aid to ensure that they enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

The Top 7 Best Melatonin Supplements For Adults

  • RestAgain – The Best Melatonin Supplement Overall
  • Swanson Melatonin Ultra Triple Strength – The Best Pure Melatonin Supplement
  • Olly Sleep Gummies – The Best Melatonin Gummies
  • Natrol Liquid Melatonin – The Best Liquid Melatonin Supplement
  • Luna Sleep Aid – The Best Organic Melatonin Supplement
  • Dr Teal’s Sleep Spray – The Best Topical Melatonin Supplement
  • Nature Made Melatonin 3 MG – The Best Budget Melatonin Supplement

RestAgain – The Best Melatonin Supplement Overall


RestAgain is a natural sleep medicine made by FA Nutra that contains a potent dose of melatonin and optimal amounts of other high-quality, clinically proven natural ingredients. Long popular in the United Kingdom, its popularity has soared to new heights since recently launching in the United States.

It is made to help you fall asleep fast, stay asleep longer, and boost your sleep quality and sleep cycle while being side-effect-free. It achieves this with a formula that consists of melatonin, GABA, 5-htp, ashwagandha root, l-theanine, magnesium, valerian root, calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and vitamin D.

The naturally occurring hormone melatonin will improve your sleep cycle and enable you to quickly fall asleep and enter the most restful REM sleep (rapid eye movement sleep). This will ensure you feel fresh and rejuvenated each morning.

Ashwagandha and 5-htp induce calmness and relaxation, and they work particularly well when used together or added to melatonin supplements, so RestAgain ticks both boxes.

Ashwagandha extract comes from the roots of the winter cherry shrub. It can help manage stress, anxiety, and blood sugar levels, ensuring you can fall asleep, concentrate, and focus, boosting your memory and testosterone production.

5-htp (5-hydroxytryptophan) is an amino acid that can cross the blood-brain barrier, stimulate the pineal gland, and boost your natural production of melatonin and the neurotransmitter serotonin. This will aid sleep latency and quality, boost your mood, and reduce anxiety, stress, and sleep issues.

L-theanine is another amino acid that promotes relaxation and calmness, but it also benefits the health and functions of the brain and immune system. This combination of effects not only helps you fall asleep but will also prevent the side effects caused by stimulants and stop them from causing sleep disorders.

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a neurotransmitter that aids your natural melatonin production, relieving anxiety and stress and helping you relax. Valerian root extract boosts GABA production, which works exceptionally well when used together, like in RestAgain.

Calcium and magnesium minerals aid quality sleep, calmness, relaxation, and happiness, soothe the muscles, and boost sleep onset and REM sleep. They also prevent issues that harm your sleep-wake cycle, like cramps, dehydration, mineral deficiencies, jet lag, dry mouth, and low blood pressure.

Vitamins B6 and B12 aid your neurotransmitter biosynthesis, brain health, circadian rhythm, metabolism, recovery time, and testosterone production, treat depression and other mental health issues, and boost your overall health and well-being, promoting uninterrupted sleep.

Sleep aids containing vitamin D boost your mood, nutrient absorption, recovery time, and ability to relax and stop you from developing a vitamin D deficiency. This will prevent serious health problems and ensure you have no trouble falling asleep or maintaining healthy sleep patterns.

Unlike many melatonin supplements that use only one ingredient, RestAgain’s diverse formula allows it to help you sleep in every way possible. It prevents trouble sleeping or poor sleep quality and circadian rhythms, ensuring you don’t develop sleep disorders and wake up fresh and alert each morning.

When you throw in its 30-day money-back guarantee, very reasonable price tag, and small serving size, RestAgain is the best supplement to boost your melatonin levels and quality of sleep on the market today.


  • The most potent non-prescription medication for sleep
  • Contains only high-quality ingredients
  • It will not cause any side effects or adverse reactions
  • Its optimal ingredient and melatonin dosages work in perfect harmony with each other
  • It has a very reasonable price tag, serving size, and money-back guarantee
  • Promotes sleep latency and uninterrupted sleep


  • As these sleeping pills are still reasonably new, reviews from past customers are pretty limited.
  • Only available for purchase directly from the official RestAgain website

Swanson Melatonin Ultra Triple Strength – The Best Pure Melatonin Supplement


Swanson Melatonin Ultra Triple Strength is one of the best pure melatonin supplements as it contains exclusively 10 mg of melatonin per serving, with no other additives or ingredients included.

It is marketed to boost your melatonin levels and natural melatonin production, optimize your sleep-wake cycle, prevent you from having trouble staying asleep, and combat things like jet lag, which can quickly develop into more severe sleep issues.

It can even help high-risk groups like seniors or people who work night shifts or have autism spectrum disorder wake up feeling fresh and well-rested every morning.

10 mg of melatonin per serving is also shown to be the optimal dose in complementary and integrative health studies, so it can deliver maximum results without causing any side effects. This makes it a good choice for someone who wants their melatonin safe and effective in equal measure.

These melatonin tablets are GMO and gluten-free, contain no artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners, and have a very reasonable price tag so that they can be bought and used by virtually anybody.

The only issue with Swanson Melatonin Ultra Triple Strength is that some studies show that melatonin supplements are most effective when they contain other ingredients. This is because they can affect your sleep cycle in various ways rather than just one.

However, suppose you are set on using supplements that only contain the optimal dosage of pure melatonin per serving. In that case, Swanson Melatonin Ultra Triple Strength is one of the best melatonin supplements.


  • Contains only the optimal dosage of melatonin per serving
  • Very reasonably priced
  • GMO and gluten-free and contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • It can help you fall asleep reasonably quickly


  • Using only one ingredient makes it less well-rounded than other melatonin supplements.
  • Not the cheapest or most effective melatonin supplement on the market

Olly Sleep Gummies – The Best Melatonin Gummies


Olly Sleep Gummies are melatonin gummies designed as an ideal alternative for people who have sleeping issues but don’t like taking pills or capsules. Boasting a pleasant Blackberry Zen flavor, these gummies can be chewed to help users boost their sleep in the most enjoyable way possible.

Like with their gummy vitamins, the Olly Sleep melatonin gummy formula is gluten-free and again uses only natural flavors and ingredients. It contains melatonin, l-theanine, chamomile flower extract, lemon balm extract, and passionflower extract.

Melatonin and l-theanine were both in RestAgain, and they will again help you feel calm, relaxed, and stress and anxiety-free, fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, sleep deeper, enjoy a better circadian rhythm and brain and immune functions, and prevent the side effects caused by stimulants.

Chamomile extract has long been a popular sleep remedy as it contains a chemical called apigenin. This can reduce stress and anxiety, induce calmness and relaxation, combat many of the top causes of sleep issues, and promote restful sleep.

Lemon balm extract comes from a mint family plant rich in minerals and vitamin C. Studies say it may provide a similar effect to chamomile concerning treating anxiety and insomnia.

Passionflower extract is claimed to combat anxiety, hysteria, insomnia, and seizures by boosting your natural production of GABA, making it easier to relax and fall asleep.

The Olly Sleep melatonin gummies’ active ingredients are joined by various colors, flavors, sweeteners, and stabilizers, such as glucose syrup. These will not help you sleep in any way and are solely used to create the gummies’ bulk, taste, and texture and make them enjoyable to take.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues with the Olly Sleep melatonin Gummies we do need to mention.

Not only are two ingredients, lemon balm extract, and passionflower extract, not conclusively proven to work, but the dosages per serving of all three other ingredients are lower than what you will find in the best sleep supplements.

If you prefer not to swallow pills, Olly Sleep melatonin gummies are a great option to improve your sleep quality.


  • Three of the five ingredients in these melatonin gummies are proven to help you sleep.
  • Melatonin gummies are ideal for people who can’t or don’t like swallowing tablets, pills, or capsules.
  • It has a great-tasting, natural blackberry flavor and a very reasonable price tag.
  • Gluten-free and contains no artificial flavors or colors
  • Highly unlikely to cause any side effects


  • Two of the five ingredients are not conclusively proven to boost sleep
  • The dosages of the proven ingredients per serving are lower than you’ll find in the top sleep aids
  • Some older users have reported that melatonin gummies can get stuck in their teeth or dentures

Natrol Liquid Melatonin – The Best Liquid Melatonin Supplement


Natrol Liquid Melatonin is a gluten-free, vegan supplement featuring 3 mg of melatonin per serving. They say it will treat occasional sleeplessness and help you fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer, and wake refreshed.

Being an oil makes it a perfect option for people with difficulty swallowing pills or capsules. Its natural berry flavor makes it enjoyable for those who want to consume it on its own, while the taste is subtle enough that it can be mixed into a drink of your choice if you would prefer.

Containing no artificial sweeteners or flavors, GMOs, preservatives, synthetic dyes, or known allergens, it is also suitable for use by the vast majority of healthy adults.

It has two issues: how much melatonin it contains and how much it costs.

While the price per bottle looks okay, each bottle containing just 15 servings means the cost adds up fast if you use it regularly. 3 mg is also a lower dose of melatonin than studies on complementary and integrative health show is required to produce optimal effects.

However, suppose you don’t want to take pills, capsules, or even gummies or just like the idea of using a liquid melatonin supplement. In that case, Natrol Liquid Melatonin is one of the best supplements.


  • It has a pleasant yet subtle berry flavor.
  • An ideal choice for people who can’t or don’t like swallowing capsules or pills
  • Suitable for use by people following a vegan diet


  • It can get quite expensive if used regularly due to the small number of servings in a bottle.
  • It does not contain any additional ingredients to support the melatonin
  • Includes a lower dose of melatonin than recommended

Luna Sleep Aid – The Best Organic Melatonin Supplement


Luna Sleep Aid is a reasonably priced, organic, GMO, and gluten-free herbal supplement that supports a healthy sleep-wake cycle. Its formula consists of melatonin, l-theanine, GABA, valerian root extract, chamomile extract, lemon balm extract, passionflower extract, and hops extract.

All of these ingredients, except hops extract, have appeared in the other melatonin supplements we have looked at in different doses, and they again benefit sleep in the same ways, just to different levels.

They support sleep, calmness, and relaxation, prevent stress, anxiety, hysteria, seizures, sleep issues, or side effects of stimulants, and improve your sleep cycle, GABA production, sleep latency, quality, and duration.

The hops extract has antioxidant properties that reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, and tension and treat various sleep problems and disturbances to help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a healthier sleep cycle.

There are again a few issues with the Luna Sleep Aid that we need to discuss, though. While some proven ingredient doses are a little low, other ingredients have not been proven to work or could cause hunger pangs, which may lead to sleep disturbances.

Despite these issues, if you are keen on taking melatonin supplements but only want to use a product that contains 100 percent organic ingredients, Luna Sleep Aid may still be one of the best sleep supplements for you to try.


  • Many of its ingredients are clinically proven to help you sleep
  • Very reasonably priced
  • GMO and gluten-free
  • Its ingredients are 100% organic and will not cause any side effects.


  • More research is needed to prove some of the ingredients work conclusively
  • Some of the dosages are too low to produce optimal effects
  • One of the ingredients can cause hunger pangs, which may worsen your sleep problems
  • There have been complaints about an unpleasant taste and smell

Dr Teal’s Sleep Spray – The Best Topical Melatonin Supplement


Suppose you avoid melatonin supplements because you don’t like consuming anything despite knowing their effectiveness. In that case, Dr Teal’s Sleep Spray With Melatonin & Essential Oils may be a good option.

Designed to be sprayed in the area where you sleep shortly before you go to bed, rather than being consumed, it works to help you sleep using a formula that contains melatonin, lavender, chamomile, Epsom salts, and patchouli oil, as well as water, perfume, and a range of stabilizers, like benzoic acid.

Melatonin induces REM sleep, while the fragrance promotes relaxation. Epsom salts can reduce stress and anxiety, help you relax, and make falling asleep easier.

Lavender has relaxing, calming properties, produces a mild sedative effect, combats mild sleep disturbances, and reduces muscle and joint tension and soreness. The patchouli oil reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, aids relaxation, and promotes a soothing effect.

This allows it to relax and soothe the mind and body, promote better quality sleep, regulate sleep-wake cycles, and make it easier to drift off.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues with Dr Teal’s Sleep Spray With Melatonin & Essential Oils we need to point out. Many ingredients work far better when ingested, but others also have limited conclusive evidence to prove they benefit your sleep.

However, as it can offer at least some help with getting to sleep and has a very fair price tag, Dr Teal’s Sleep Spray With Melatonin & Essential Oils is still a good choice for anyone who needs a sleep aid but does not want to consume anything.


  • Very fairly priced
  • It contains several ingredients proven to benefit your sleep
  • It does not require you to consume or ingest anything
  • It has a delightful fragrance


  • Some of the elements are not conclusively proven to help your sleep
  • Many of the ingredients will not work as well in a spray as they would if you ingested them

Nature Made Melatonin 3 MG – The Best Budget Melatonin Supplement

Nature Made Melatonin 3 MG is a supplement that contains nothing but 3 mg of melatonin per serving. It is designed to support your ability to rest, enjoy a healthy sleep-wake cycle, and wake up feeling fresh and invigorated each morning without using drugs.

As you can see from the name, Nature Made Melatonin 3 MG has a lower dose than is optimal or what many of the top melatonin supplements contain. However, it has earned its place on our list due to its incredible price.

With a year’s supply costing less than what many sleep supplements do for a single month, Nature Made Melatonin 3 MG is a supplement that will be accessible to people on even the tightest of budgets.

Sure, it will not benefit you in the same way that the very best melatonin supplements do, but if you are having trouble sleeping and do not have much money to spend, it can still be a great option to try.


  • It contains only 100% pure melatonin
  • Extremely reasonably priced


  • The melatonin dosage is very low
  • Contains no supporting ingredients

Final Thoughts On The Top 7 Best Melatonin Supplements For Adults

Naturally occurring melatonin is a hormone vital to help regulate sleep cycles, and raising your melatonin levels with melatonin supplements will help you get more restful sleep. Most melatonin supplements will improve sleep quality to some degree, but the best melatonin supplement for most is RestAgain.

Packed with 10 mg of melatonin per serving, plus optimal doses of a range of other ingredients that are high quality and proven to improve sleep quality, it can combat virtually all sleep disorders and restore healthy sleep patterns. This is all while being reasonably priced and not causing any side effects.

If, for any reason, it does not sound like a dietary supplement for you, then one of our other melatonin supplement picks surely will. For everyone else, though, we highly recommend that you try RestAgain and see how effectively it can promote restful sleep and a healthy sleep-wake cycle for yourself.


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