Letter to the Editor: For the Health and Businesses and their Staff in Bothell/Kenmore

Dr. Suzie Shay highlights importance of employer-provided coverage.

The following is a letter to the editor from Dr. Suzie Shay, a chiropractor at Corner on Wellness:

Dear Editor,

I can trace my empathy toward my patients back to a series of traumatic injuries I suffered through multiple car accidents as a teenager. It was my own recovery through chiropractic care that grew into a calling, and I work hard to remember the pain I was in and allow it to guide my bedside manner to this day.

Because of my background, I have become an ardent supporter and advocate of employer-provided coverage.

Employer-provided coverage remains the most preferred way for people to access suitable and affordable insurance for themselves and their loved ones. Currently, 177 million Americans receive their insurance through an employer, and over 4.3 million are here in Washington.

As is the nature of my vocation, the patients I treat need long-term personalized care that – depending on the injury or illness – can be expensive.

Unfortunately, oftentimes, long-term medical care seen as “not an emergency” is on the chopping block when folks must make difficult financial decisions. Especially when hard-working Americans give their time and bodies to get a job done, they should be able to get the care that they need.

I urge our state’s local businesses to provide their staff with health insurance. When folks have access to insurance, they can ensure fewer absences and more productivity. I see it as a form of long-term investment in the overall economic and physical health of a business and its staff.


Dr. Suzie Shay