Letters to the Editor

Ticket for long grass? Yes

Many issues that come before the Bothell City Council often originate through the Planning Commission. Like the City Council, the Planning Commission invites the public… Continue reading

  • Aug 17, 2009

Sound Transit surprised by game?

Did you hear the one about how almost 67,000 people snuck into Qwest Field for a Sounders game and Sound Transit didn’t know about it?After… Continue reading

  • Aug 11, 2009

Bothell City Council, part 2

Regarding Mr. Adam Brauch’s Aug. 5 letter, the best way to judge whether Mr. Del Spivey’s “right priorities” match those of the voters is to… Continue reading

  • Aug 10, 2009

Unhappy with Kenmore Council

My unhappines with the Kenmore City Council started when our late mayor appeared on Dave Ross. The city was trying to close the bowling alley… Continue reading

  • Aug 10, 2009

Ride a bike, walk

The recent heatwave was the hugest one I’d been in. I’ve spent summers in the midwest, where it’s very humid, and the temperature is nothing… Continue reading

  • Aug 10, 2009

LASER program is beneficial

I am a parent at Canyon Creek Elementary. My fourth-grade daughter has struggled with reading, and has received services for reading support through our LASER… Continue reading

  • Aug 3, 2009

Longtime resident wants answers

Time for the voters to hold the Bothell City Council accountable for their voting themselves big benefits. When I e-mailed Mr. Del Spivey, asking to… Continue reading

  • Aug 3, 2009


Let’s support local economyAs a former 23-year resident of Bothell and employee of Bothell, I was amazed and disappointed when I read in the Bothell… Continue reading

  • Jul 27, 2009


How to deal with card-room closure?I’m not a big fan of gambling, but I don’t view it as a particularly significant evil. Certainly it comes… Continue reading

  • Jul 6, 2009


Kenmore City Council should be ashamedWith the closing of Kenmore Lanes Casino yesterday, June 30, the City Council has finally “won” its hard-fought battle to… Continue reading

  • Jun 29, 2009

Korean War veteran lending a hand

I am searching for the families of five of your native sons that were lost in the Korean War. At this time, the government has… Continue reading

  • Mar 23, 2009

Pool equals exercise

It has come to my attention through some patients of mine that yet another community pool — Carole Ann Wald at St. Edward State Park — is threatened with closure. Speaking as a spine surgeon dealing with many complex conditions and patients, and as the director of the Spine Surgery Service at Harborview Medical Center, I am very disappointed with such a step.

  • Feb 17, 2009

Superintendent shouldn’t be bothered with book

I find it ironic that the book in question (“Persepolis”) about being banned or restricted is about the life of a young girl struggling in a country under an oppressive government that has morality police and strict government censorship. Mr. Francois, it is commendable you took time to hear the complaints. I hope you don’t have to spend more time on this because the budget issues in the district and state are the biggest threats to the education of our children. I hope you can spend most of your time on that.

  • Feb 9, 2009

Tea was a sweet success

Thank you for attending the Frederick & Nelson tea (Reporter Jan. 21). I truly appreciate it. You put together a great spread (and even caught me red handed with my cake!). This whole Frederick & Nelson thing really took off in a way I never imagined, and I’m grateful for your coverage.

  • Jan 27, 2009

The state-budget battle has begun

The political battle for a balanced 2009-2011 state budget has begun. The elected participants define the high ground as each envisions it. Sound bytes flood the media (i.e. Seattle Times front page, Jan. 12). We particularly favor the bluntness of House Speaker Frank Chopp, “It’s important that we look at the budget both as a financial document and as a moral document as well.” As former nonprofit administrators, we believe he has nailed it. The battle will impact life and death realities. The depth of human need, statewide, this time around requires that we heed the speaker, “If we don’t handle this situation correctly, many people could die.”

  • Jan 27, 2009

Parents speak out on ‘Persepolis’

Thank you for running your article on “Persepolis” last issue. Parents need to be informed of what’s going on in their children’s schools, and you’ve done a great job in spreading the word. I think that most parents who read the book would be concerned, and would question its use for eighth-graders. Why the Northshore School District would not be more responsive to the objections of so many parents is a mystery to me.

  • Jan 27, 2009


A standing ovation is in order for Bothell’s handling of the recent snowstorm. I was amazed how quickly and thoroughly the city’s team dealt with the tons of snow and ice on the roadways. The planners did an awesome job of making sure the money and resources were in place to deal with such a disaster, and the crews working the various trucks, plows and sanders were on top of the situation from the start.

  • Jan 8, 2009


City-council health-insurance issue revisitedA city council can not increase their compensation without having to stand for re-election. However, a 2007 change in state law permits… Continue reading

  • Dec 22, 2008