Think P.I.N.K to frame your trees into a beautiful, functional landscape

How pink is your treescape?

“‘Treescaping’ is how we describe the work we do to create beautiful, functional spaces with trees,” explains Gabriela Onufrei, of Everett’s P.I.N.K Chainsaw, which offers property-owners years of industry experience, ranging from site safety assessments to tree and shrub trimming and removal.

Yes, they do have a pink tree chipper, but more than a color, it’s the inspiration behind the acronym that resonates with the team: Passion, Integrity, Nuance and Knowledge.

“I love being out in the different seasons and helping clients make the most of their property, whether that’s removing or trimming a potentially dangerous tree or shaping an overgrown hedge,” Onufrei says. “It also gives me the opportunity to provide exceptional service – to me the two go hand-in-hand.

Working with so much more than trees, here’s a look at some of the many services P.I.N.K Chainsaw Tree service provides!

  1. New garden clean-up – If you’ve recently purchased a new home, P.I.N.K Chainsaw can help make it “yours,” trimming the trees, shrubs and tidying up as needed, Onufrei says. Recognizing that yard maintenance can be a process, they’ll also help you create a plan prioritizing more urgent work, and what you can do over time, she adds.

  2. Assess risk – If you have overhanging trees around a home, an assessment will help identify and address potential risks of falling trees or branches. Onufrei recommends homeowners conduct a visual assessment of their trees and property each spring, then every few years, have a professional provide a closer inspection for changes or concerns. “Some issues aren’t readily apparent right away, so it’s good to have a professional inspection every few years,” she says.

  3. Fall maintenance – With winter windstorms on the way, September and October are ideal for an inspection of dead, dying or diseased trees that might be susceptible to blow-down, Onufrei advises.

  4. Value-added work – Additional services include brush and wood hauling – including the option to donate your wood to local organizations working with those in need – and referrals to complementary companies providing services such as stump grinding, if needed.

Seeing the process from start to finish, the team also appreciates seeing the results of their work, and how it transforms the landscape for the better. They provide clients with photo documentation of the provided service and follow-up communication afterward. “We call it a job well done,” Onufrei says with a smile.

Fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind, P.I.N.K Chainsaw’s signature services are rooted in their desire to exceed expectations. In the case of emergencies, their skilled, experienced team is just a phone call away and they’re happy to work directly with insurance companies.

Learn more about treescaping your property at pinkchainsaw.com

Think P.I.N.K to frame your trees into a beautiful, functional landscape
Think P.I.N.K to frame your trees into a beautiful, functional landscape

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