Northshore School Board issues proclamation on respectful and inclusive environment

The Northshore School Board voted unanimously at the Dec. 13 regular business meeting to approve a proclamation that the district will foster a respectful and inclusive environment for students.

“The board is dedicated to the mission of supporting and educating the students of our vibrant community,” said School Board President Amy Cast. “This is an affirmation of our belief that students will thrive in an environment that honors their unique strengths and backgrounds.”

The proclamation is among a number of Northshore initiatives designed to support the district’s growing diversity, such as:

  • A newly formed Equity and Diversity Committee, which held its first meeting last month.
  • Strategic planning discussions that have included a focus on closing opportunity gaps for underrepresented students.
  • The expansion of the district’s Natural Leaders program, in which parent volunteers help connect multicultural families to their schools.

The proclamation on a respectful and inclusive environment reads:

WHEREAS the Northshore School District Board of Directors believes that a safe, inclusive and civil environment is essential to high student and staff achievement and that the free exchange of ideas is central to a quality educational process; and

WHEREAS the Northshore School District Board of Directors is committed to an equitable educational system that continues to grow in our ability to nurture and support all students through a fair and inclusive education, which should permeate all aspects and levels of the organization down to the classroom; and

WHEREAS the Northshore School District Board of Directors is committed to providing and maintaining safe and healthy environments conducive to learning, where all of our students thrive, regardless of their background, language, race, status, gender identity, orientation, religion or other exceptionalities. The Board of Directors are steadfast in our efforts to communicate and celebrate the worth and importance that each student, educator, parent and community member bring to the work of teaching and learning in a contemporary school district.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of Northshore School District No. 417 proclaim our school district will continue to model, support and foster a respectful and inclusive environment for all students, educators, families and community members.

This is taken from a Northshore School District news release.