FireShield Blanket Reviews: Pros, Cons, and Features – Should You Buy?

Imagine you’re at home cooking dinner, and an oil fire breaks out. It’s most people’s instinct to fill a glass with water and splash it on the fire. That’s a huge mistake – spreading the flames. Instead, you need to smother the fire before it has a chance to catch and set the kitchen on fire, potentially burning down your home.

The Fireshield Blanket is the perfect tool for the task. Deploy it in seconds and smother the flames before they spread. Statistics show that 79% of all fires happen in the home. 47% happen in the kitchen, 15% near the fireplace, and 9% occur due to malfunctions in electrical equipment.

More than 4,000 Americans die in home fires each year and another 2,000 experience burns. Avoid becoming another statistic. Order the Fireshield and give yourself, your family, and your home the protection you need against fire risk.

Introducing Fireshield Blanket – Your First Line of Defense Against Indoor & Outdoor Fires

The Fireshield Blanket acts as your first line of defense against fires in the home. Its user-friendly operation makes it easy to deploy. All you do is pull the tabs, cover your hands, and smother the flames in seconds.

The Fireshield Blanket is a great alternative to buying an expensive fire extinguisher and doesn’t require servicing. It provides complete protection from all classes of fire and less mess, with no retardants and chemicals to clean up after putting out the fire.

This innovative fire device is the highest standard in fire safety for your home. But the advantages of the Fireshield Blanket don’t stop there. This multi-purpose device is ideal for use outside by the grill or the outdoor kitchen, and it’s an essential camping device to prevent campsite fires from getting out of control and starting a wildfire.

With the Fireshield Blanket, you get a user-friendly device that even kids can learn to use. They’ll stay safe, even when you’re away from home. The non-toxic materials mean the blanket does not produce harmful emissions if the flames damage it.

The Fireshield Blanket can extinguish the most aggressive flames and is temperature-resistant up to 1,100°F (593℃). Order the Fireshield Blanket today to get the fire protection you need for your home.

The front of the package features a steel-reinforced loop in the top seam. Hang the pack on a hook in the kitchen to provide the resistance you need when pulling on the tabs for the fast deployment of the blanket. The bag also features easy-to-follow instructions for deploying the blanket.

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This blanket is meant to extinguish small kitchen fires and home fires. However, if the flames catch and form a blaze before you can get to them, wrap the blanket around you as a shield and escape the blaze before it consumes your property.

The Fireshield Blanket is ideal for workplaces. Keep a few around the office and train the staff how to use them to keep your premises safe from fire risk.

Fireshield Blanket – Features

User-Friendly Operation

The Fireshield Blanket is easy to deploy and unfolds fast. It allows you to take quick action to smother flames before they spread and create a bigger blaze.

Lightweight & Versatile

The Fireshield Blanket is versatile and lightweight. It’s easy to carry when you go camping, and its compact design fits into your day pack or in the glove box of your car for quick access in fire emergencies.

Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Fires

The Fireshield Blanket extinguishes indoor and outdoor fires. Keep it in the home, in the car, and use it in any room or around the campsite.

Extreme Heat Resistance

The Fireshield Blanket features fiberglass construction and is resistant to high temperatures. It’s also PFOA-free, ensuring safety for your home and family.

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The Fireshield Blanket is reusable, provided the materials aren’t severely damaged when putting out a fire.

Made to International Quality Standards

The Fireshield Blanket is manufactured to international quality standards in an ISO-approved facility. It features an American-inspired design for use on any fire in any location.

Award-Winning Innovation

The Fireshield Blanket won the 2019 award for Top Innovation of the Year from the Home Safety & Security Institute.

Fireshield Blanket – Benefits

Put Out Fires Fast Before They Spread

The Fireshield Blankets’ fast deployment means you can stop the spread of any fire if you act quickly before the flames spread. Place it over the fire and smother the flames in seconds.

Multi-Fire Compatibility

The Fireshield Blanket is compatible with all types of fires. It’s a one-for-all solution for all fire emergencies.

  • A Class – Solid Material Fires
  • B Class – Liquid Material Fires
  • C Class –Combustible Material Fires
  • E Class – Electrical Fires
  • K Class – Kitchen Fires

No Clean Up

Fire extinguishers can leave behind a mess after use. The Fireshield Blanket uses no retardant chemicals, making cleanup much easier after putting out the fire.

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More Affordable than a Fire Extinguisher

The Fireshield Blanket costs a fraction of the cost of a fire extinguisher. It doesn’t require annual servicing to keep it in working order.

Fast Deployment in Fire Emergencies

The pull tabs on the package allow for fast unfurling of the Fireshield Blanket, allowing for quick response times in fire emergencies.

Confidence in Fire Safety for Your Home

You get peace of mind knowing that you have a solution on hand to extinguish any fire that breaks out in your home.

How Do I Use Fireshield Blanket?

The Fireshield Blanket is easy to use and offers fast deployment in a fire emergency. Follow this step-by-step guide to extinguish a fire before it spreads.

Step #1 – Deploy the Fireshield Blanket

Pull down hard on the tabs at the bottom of the pack.

Step #2 – Protect Hands First

Roll the Fireshield Blanket corners over your hands to protect them before extinguishing the blaze.

Step #3 – Smother the Fire

Cover the fire with a blanket to extinguish the flames.

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Step #4 – Don’t Fear the Results

Some smoke may pass around the blanket; don’t worry; commit to putting out the fire.

Step #5 – Leave for 15 Minutes

After extinguishing the fire, leave the blanket in position for 15 minutes until it cools.

Step #6 – Contact Emergency Services

Call the fire department if you’re uncertain if the fire is out.

Fireshield Blanket – Pros & Cons


  • Protect your home from all types of fires.
  • Extinguish fires fast before they have a chance to spread.
  • Works as a personal safety blanket when escaping fires.
  • Reusable and lightweight.
  • Easy to store in the car or at home.
  • Fast deployment in fire emergencies.
  • Great savings of the MSRP.
  • Bigger discounts for bundle deals.


  • Only available from the official Fireshield online store.
  • Limited inventory.
  • Limited-time promotional pricing.

Order Fireshield Blanket on Promotion & Save

Fireshield Blanket is currently being promoted at the official online store. You won’t find this protective device available on Amazon or from online retailers; it’s exclusive to the official website. Fortunately, if you take action and order today, you get access to a special discount. There are great savings on the MSRP for single blanket orders and even bigger discounts if you take a bundle deal.

Order one Fireshield Blanket and pay $39.99 each. Save $8.23 off the regular MSRP of $48.22.

Order the three-pack bundle of Fireshield Blankets and pay $29.99 each (order total $59.98). You save $76.50 off the MSRP of $136.48.

Take the four-pack bundle and pay $44.97 each (order total $179.88). You save $157.78 off the regular MSRP of $337.66.

Fireshield Blanket – FAQ

Q: What are people saying about their safety experience with Fireshield Blanket?

A: Visit the official online store, and you’ll see dozens of people discussing how the Fireshield Blanket saved their homes and lives. The official site has stories from verified buyers; you’ll find even more on the checkout page.

Q: Should I replace my fire extinguisher with a Fireshield Blanket?

A: No. Your home needs as much protection from fires as possible. If you already have a fire extinguisher, keep it available for added protection against rapidly spreading blazes.

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Q: Are there limitations to the protection offered by the Fireshield Blanket?

A: Yes. The Fireshield Blanket won’t put out fires if they spread too far. Its design means it puts out fires before they have a chance to spread. However, you can use the blanket for protection when escaping a large blaze. Wrap it around you and run to safety.

Q: Does the Fireshield Blanket come with a warranty?

A: Yes. Every Fireshield Blanket comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. When you checkout with your order, you can purchase an extended warranty for an additional year of protection for $4.50. If you use and damage the blanket, send it back for a replacement.

Q: How many Fireshield Blankets should I order?

A: Since the Fireshield Blanket is on promotion, why not order the 4-pack bundle? You get a blanket for outside by the grill or firepit, one for the kitchen, another for the bedroom or lounge, and another for your car. Get complete safety from fires wherever you go.

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