Best NMN Supplements to Buy on the Market (2024 Strongest Brands Benefits Reviewed)

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your quality of life? Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) offers a supplement designed to optimize every aspect of your physiology. It’s so effective the FDA is unsure of how to classify it, stripping it from store shelves across the United States for further evaluation.

However, NMN supplements are available if you know where to look online. NMN is one of the biggest supplementation trends in 2024, and the demand for this new class of supplements is through the roof in all markets.

So, what is NMN? This organic molecule has links to improving metabolic rate, enhancing energy production, and repairing DNA. There’s convincing evidence showing regular supplementation with NMN creates a lasting anti-aging effect, making it incredibly popular in this market.

Huge demand means that many supplement brands jumped at the opportunity to create an NMN supplement. Hundreds of products are in this category, so how do you know which ones offer the best results and value for your money?

We curated this guide to NMN to give you a complete overview of this potent life-enhancing supplement. We’ll give you the top NMN supplement brands and all the information you need to understand how this supplement benefits your life and what you can expect from incorporating it into your daily routine.

The Top-Rated NMN Supplement Brands for 2024

  • The Best Overall NMN Supplement – Genuine Purity Liposomal NMN+
  • The Highest Strength NMN Supplement – Wonderfeel NMN
  • The Budget NMN Supplement – Liftmode NMN
  • The Best NR-Based Supplement – Tru Niagen
  • The Best Sport-Certified NMN Supplement – Elysium
  • The Best NMN Blended Supplement – Cymbiotika NMN
  • The Best Value NMN Supplement – Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator
  • The Best Sublingual Delivery NMN Supplement – Alive by Nature

The Best Overall NMN Supplement – GenuinePurity Liposomal NMN+

  • Price: $69.95

GenuinePurity manufactures Liposomal NMN+, claiming it’s the world’s premier NAD supplement. Liposomal NMM+ requires twice-daily dosing, offering 125mg per capsule and 250mg per serving. That’s in line with the dosage used in clinical trials and more than enough to experience its powerful anti-aging effects on your body.

According to verified user reviews, Liposomal NMN+ produces results in just two weeks. You experience notable effects that build over the coming six weeks and peak around week eight. Feel and look decades younger.

Liposomal NMN+ features formulation with a phospholipid complex and comes in a vegan-friendly capsule. The phospholipid complex protects NMN, enabling it to reach the GI tract and liver.


The Highest Strength NMN Supplement – Wonderfeel NMN

  • Price: $88

If you’re looking for the most potent dose of NMN, check out Wonderfeel NMN. This brand promises its product is the best way to “upgrade your OS.” Wonderfeel NMN features formulation with a patented type of NMN, known as “Youngr NMN’ promising a powerful anti-aging effect.

Each capsule contains 450mg of 98% pure NMN. The brand recommends two servings per day, giving you 900mg of NMN daily. This is the highest dose offered in this review and well above the thresholds used in clinical studies.

Dr. Andrew Salzman created the Wonderfeel NMN formula. He’s a Harvard-educated biomedical scientist and medical doctor with over 50 patients and 30 years of experience and research into NAD and its impact on our physiology.

Salzman developed the first PARP-1 inhibitor, creating the first treatment to improve NAD levels. Wonderfeel promises a holistic effect on your well-being and health. Experience restoration of your youthful looks, better energy levels during the day, and enhanced athletic performance and recovery.


The Budget NMN Supplement – Liftmode NMN

  • 5g ($26.68)
  • 10g ($46.68)
  • 1,000g ($3,186.68)

If you’re looking for the most cost-effective NMN supplement, we recommend going with Liftmode NMN. This supplement comes in powder form, which isn’t preferable as it limits assimilation in the GI tract. However, the price is right, with 20 doses in a 5-gram package.

Liftmode offers excellent value for money if you want the most affordable introduction to NMN supplementation. Liftmode offers exceptional purity, with third-party labs testing all batches before production.

Liftmode powder features small-batch production and is shipped in iced, vacuum-sealed containers. You have options for 5g, 10g, and 1kg packages. It’s the best bulk NMN option and worth investigating if you want to save on your NMN supplementation.

The Best NR-Based Supplement – Tru Niagen

  • Price: $47

Tru Niagen takes a different approach to boosting NAD than the other supplements on this list. The others all rely on NMN as the active ingredient for improving natural NAD production. With Tru Niagen, you get a nicotinamide riboside (NR) dose to increase NAD.

Research on NR shows it has a similar effect to NMN in boosting NAD. However, there are no restrictions on NR like there are with NMN. NR produces a good NAD-boosting effect but doesn’t have the same efficacy as NMN.

Every capsule of Tru Niagen contains 300mg of NR. You get 30 capsules per bottle and only need one daily to see all the benefits. Tru Niagen also comes in stick packs for convenient carry and use. The marketing for the product claims it can increase NAD levels by as much as 50% in two weeks of consistent use. Two Nobel Laureates developed this formula, and it has more than 40 patents. You get a medically approved NMN formulation designed to deliver outstanding results. It is a highly coveted product with a price ranging from average to premium.


The Best Sport-Certified NMN Supplement – Elysium

  • Price: $69

If you’re an athlete, look at the range of premium NAD-boosting supplements from Elysium. This supplement has more certifications than others, with years of R&D into its proprietary blend.

Elysium works in partnership with Yale and Oxford on developing its formula, and it’s received NSF Certification for Sports use, with one of the highest purity standards in the industry. Elysium spends big on clinical trials, with its product range undergoing 13 clinical trials.

Like Tru Niagen, Elysium is an NR-based supplement with a proprietary formula to boost NAD levels. Every capsule of Elysium’s NR supplement contains a dose of 250mg of nicotinamide riboside. Elysium also features formulation with pterostilbene (PT) for additional support.


The Best NMN Blended Supplement – Cymbiotika NMN

  • Price: $77

NMN combines with other nutrients to create a holistic health supplement in Cymbiotika NMN. This supplement features a blend of trans-resveratrol and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN).

The addition of trans-resveratrol improves the free-radical fighting capabilities of NMM, enhancing the anti-aging effect to rid your face of lines and wrinkles, tighten and tone the skin, and leave you with a glowing look.

Cymbiotika NMM features a potent dose of NMN (400mg per capsule), making it the most potent single-serving product on this list behind Wonderfeel NMN.

While impressive, Cymbiotika includes 200mg of green tea and coffee bean extract for enhanced fat-burning and thermogenesis. There are 200mg of apigenin to boost testosterone levels and 100mg of resveratrol for the antioxidant effect. This supplement is ideal for anyone on a weight loss diet who wants improved results.


The Best Value NMN Supplement – Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator

  • Price: $69

If you’re looking for the best NMN supplement balancing price and quality, we recommend using NAD+ Cell Regenerator from Life Extension. This nicotinamide riboside (NR) formulation is another NMN alternative that effectively boosts NAD levels.

This product uses the same kind of NR as Tru Niagen, “Niagen nicotinamide riboside.” Each serving contains 300mg, giving you an effective dose that supercharges NAD production. This is our list’s most affordable encapsulated product, requiring one capsule daily.


The Best Sublingual Delivery NMN Supplement – Alive by Nature

  • Price: $59

This NAD booster from Alive by Nature offers you a new approach to taking this supplement. Every dose of Alive by Nature comes in a sublingual powder designed to dissolve under your tongue. This method allows for rapid absorption into the bloodstream and complete bioavailability of the NMN in the powder.

Tip the powder under your tongue and let it dissolve for 30 seconds before swallowing. The high bioavailability of the sublingual delivery system allows faster saturation of blood and tissues with NAD and quicker accumulation of NAD levels in the body compared to the other products on this list.

It’s also remarkably affordable; every serving contains 125mg of NMN. That’s around half the recommended dose, but you can always double your amount daily to hit the recommended 250mg mark.

However, the high bioavailability of the sublingual powder means your body absorbs more, and 125mg of this powder might provide similar effects to 250mg of an encapsulated supplement.

It might be hard to find Alive by Nature online as the FDA spat with the company in 2024 after it marketed its NMN powder as a remedy for COVID-19.

Our Criteria for Selecting The Best NMN Supplements for 2024

How did we land on this shortlist of candidates for the best NMN products? What stood out to us when compiling the candidates for this list? We analyzed each product against standard criteria to narrow down the top-rated brands in each category.

Here’s what we sought in the best NMN supplements for 2024:


Products should have a minimum dose of 250 mg of NMN per serving. Studies have delved deep into the scientific properties of NMN, using this particular dose to determine its anti-aging effects. Some products may have higher or lower doses, but they all meet the threshold of 250mg, except for the Alive by Nature product. This supplement’s unique delivery system means it is almost twice as bioavailable as encapsulated forms of NMN.


The supplements in this review have a minimum purity concentration of 98% NMN or greater. Some NMN supplements have the correct dosage but not the concentration, meaning they don’t get the dose of NMN they need. Purity is everything when selecting your supplement; don’t settle for anything less than 98%.

Certificates of Analysis (COA)

Marketing hype can make a supplement sound impressive, but it’s the scientific proof we’re interested in when selecting candidates for our shortlist. The supplier must have COA results on their website proving the concentration of NMN in their supplement. The brand must value purity and efficacy in their products.

Performance Vs. Marketing Hype

Marketing can make promises that supplements can’t keep. We avoided brands making outlandish marketing claims that NMN can make you lose 20 lbs overnight or take 20 years off your age in a few weeks. We looked for brands with sensible claims on health benefits and positive reviews from verified buyers.

Medically Approved Formulation

We looked for NMN supplement formulations created by medical professionals. The brand should offer science-backed research on its product and health claims, with medical oversight and approval of the expected results. If doctors recommend it, it’s a significant boost to our rankings.

Supporting Ingredients

Many NMN supplements come with supporting formulas offering your body a dose of micronutrients like vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and herbal extracts. These ingredients should help the effect of supplementing with NMN and improve its impact on your physiology and well-being. The components must work synergistically with NMN to achieve a comprehensive and holistic well-being benefit.


Research into NMN shows it has poor bioavailability in the gut and struggles with absorption. Top-rated supplements from leading brands include a liposome fatty acid layer to help it pass through the stomach intact, where it experiences maximum bioavailability in the gut. You get more bang for your buck and less waste.

Manufacturing Processes

We looked for supplements made in the United States and EU, offering full disclosure of their manufacturing process. We chose products manufactured in FDA or BRC-approved facilities using certified good manufacturing processes (cGMP). Manufacturing processes should be transparent, and ingredients must not be cross-contaminated.


Some companies charge too much for NMN supplements because they’re becoming more popular. We analyzed the pricing from leading brands, looking at a balance between quality, ingredients, and price. NMN supplements are typically pricey, but some brands price gouge due to the popularity of NMN.

Refund Policies

You should start seeing NMN’s full effects in about 6 to 8 weeks. If this supplement doesn’t work for you, the manufacturing brand should offer at least a 60-day return policy. If it doesn’t work, you get enough time to assess its effects and a money-back guarantee. It’s better to buy from a company willing to put its reputation on the line to guarantee your results.

NMN Buyers Guide – What Is NMN & How Does It Work?

The reason why people use NMN supplements isn’t because they value NMN; it’s because they want NAD+. It’s NAD+ that creates the potent life-enhancing and anti-aging effects of supplementing with NMN.

NMN is a “precursor” to NAD+. So, why not take NAD+ instead of NMN? The thing is that NAD+ has very poor bioavailability in the digestive tract. The NAD absorbs it, not the liver, where the liver views it as a toxin and excretes it, giving your body no benefit from your supplementation.

When we consume a precursor ingredient, like NMN, the natural processes in the liver convert this compound into NAD+, which is bioavailable in the bloodstream for absorption into tissues. We absorb NAD from foods in our diet as Vitamin B3. However, there’s not enough in your meals to see any enhanced benefit from increased NAD+ consumption.

Studies on NAD+ show it has life-extension properties and can reverse the signs of aging and cognitive decline. A groundbreaking study on NAD+ shows it increased the lifespan of lab mice by 30%.

The issue with NAD+ is that our body’s ability to store it declines as we age. We’ll lose half our NAD+ storage ability by age 40. NAD+ is an abundant molecule in the body; you’ll find it in every cell. NAD+ regulates over 400 physiological functions and maintains cell activity and health.

When we supplement with NMN, we give the body the raw materials it needs to manufacture NAD+, boosting your natural production of this critical nutrient. Increasing NAD+ levels through fasting and high-intensity interval Training (HIIT) is possible.

However, please choose a product from our top-ranked NMN supplements for the best results. No other strategy raises NAD levels this fast, with proven results.

What are the Benefits of Supplementing with NMN?

The most prominent reason people use NMN supplements is its clinically proven anti-aging effect. NMN doesn’t just make you look younger; it creates a holistic enhancement of your well-being, impacting your physiology from every angle.

Supplementing with NMN can boost metabolism and help you lose weight. It can improve cardiovascular health and give you more energy during the day. There are so many advantages of using this supplement that it’s challenging to list them all, but we’ll give it a try.

According to research, supplementing with NMN has the following benefits:

  • Enhance energy levels and feelings of well-being.
  • Improve sleep quality.
  • Repair DNA and stop chronic disease.
  • Increase alertness and cognitive performance.
  • Strengthen immune function.
  • Improve insulin resistance and sensitivity.
  • Enhance and stabilize mood.
  • Improve range of motion and mobility in your joints.
  • Live longer.

Does NMN Work for Everyone?

Millions of people use NMN around the globe to improve their physiological and mental health. However, one exciting aspect of NMN is that it doesn’t seem to work for everyone. Some users claim they don’t feel any effect from supplementing with NMN.

How can NMN benefit people while failing to deliver results for others? There are a few reasons for this phenomenon.

  • Fake Products – Soe brands advertise NMN products but contain no NMN ingredients!
  • Incorrect Dosage – Some brands underdose the NMN due to the manufacturing expense. If the dose is weak, you won’t get results.
  • Low Purity – Some brands underdose NMN or offer low concentrations, reducing effects.
  • Weak Absorption – Some brands don’t include liposomes in their formulation, leading to poor GI tract and liver absorption.

NMN Supplements – Backed by Scientific Research

The anti-aging industry is worth tens of billions of dollars. So, it’s not surprising to see the amount of scientific research stacking up in studies in leading medical publications. Research into the effects of NMN supplementation on our physiology shows links to improved brain function and heart health, improving overall well-being and quality of life as the supplement reaches the saturation point in blood and tissues.

Let’s look into the health benefits of NMN supplementation and how it improves your life:

Improve Cognitive Function & Brain Health

Multiple studies show that the efficacy of NMN supplementation boosts brain function and health. Regular use of NMN enhances cognition, improving decision-making and problem-solving capabilities.

A 2014 study of NMN shows it improves survival rate and energy activity in brain cells in Parkinson’s patients. This research suggests NMN has a neuroprotective effect, protecting against degenerative brain diseases and disorders.

Another 2019 study shows NMN supplementation enhances circulation, improving blood flow to the brain. The result is a boost in cognitive function in mice, presenting the theory that NMN can enhance mental performance.

Boost Cellular Energy

NMN works at the cellular level to boost energy levels. NMN recharges the mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouse, improving the energy available to fuel metabolic processes. A 2016 study shows NMN supplementation assists with correcting age-related mitochondrial dysfunction.

Enhance Physical Performance

The energy-enhancing effect of NMN on mitochondria boosts energy levels and physical performance. A 2017 study shows NMN supplementation protects against injury and enhances physical performance. Another study shows NMN improves endurance and stamina in mice by up to 80%.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease remains the number-one killer of American adults. There’s evidence showing NMN supplementation can improve cardiovascular health and longevity. A 2016 study shows supplementing with NMN eliminates oxidative stress, causing vascular dysfunction in mice. This improves circulation and reduces inflammation of the endothelial lining, improving heart health.

Repair DNA

Our toxic environment floods our bodies with pollutants and toxins that damage our DNA. Research shows NMN has a therapeutic effect on DNA, allowing it to repair. This effect reduces cancer risk and improves feelings of well-being.

Support Immune Function

A 2024 study shows NMN supplementation triggers the reprogramming of macrophages to improve immune function and response. There’s anecdotal evidence from people with auto-immune disorders claiming NMN supplementation reduced the severity and frequency of auto-immune attacks.

Ramp Up Metabolism & Lose Weight

Our metabolism slows as we age, and most people find it harder to lose weight as they get older due to this metabolic slowdown. Supplementing with NMN boosts metabolic rate and increases caloric consumption for energy during the day. As a result, users experience accelerated fat loss when used alongside a weight loss diet and exercise program.

Improve Eyesight & Halt Vision Loss

Research links NMN to improved eyesight and a slowing or halting vision loss. NMN prevents degeneration of the photoreceptors in the eyes, enhancing your vision. NMN can also help provide relief to people suffering from dry eye syndrome.

Reduce Systemic Inflammation

The last decade saw research into gut health and inflammation explode in mainstream nutritional science. Studies show links between increased inflammation in the gut and higher levels of systemic inflammation throughout the body. The results also show systemic inflammation is one of the primary causes of chronic disease. NMN supplementation reduces systemic inflammation, lowering the risk of developing chronic conditions.

Manage Insulin Sensitivity & Blood Sugar Levels

Did you know that millions of Americans are affected by prediabetes, which precedes diabetes? This blood sugar disorder results from a drop in insulin sensitivity and resistance. A 2020 meta-study shows NMN supplementation enhances insulin production and delivery to the bloodstream.

Enhance Skeletal Muscle

NAD improves the development and accumulation of skeletal muscle, reducing atrophy and improving muscle strength. There’s a link between HIIT exercise and NAD levels in the body, with people who get regular intensive exercise having higher NAD levels than sedentary individuals.

Are NMN Supplements Legal for Sale in the United States?

Research and use of NMN supplements in the United States show no side effects or reason to schedule them. These supplements are new, emerging in the last decade to become popularized in the last two or three years.

However, the potent anti-aging effects of NMN supplements came under review by the FDA. The FDA recently banned beta-nicotinamide mononucleotide (B-NMN) supplements because they now consider it a drug due to its effects on the body.

The FDA ruling halted US sales of NMN supplements on November 22, 2024. The FDA revoked the NDI classification on NMN, allowing its legal sale and distribution in America.

As a result of the ruling, the public rushed to buy as much of the supplement as possible, sparking a mania for its benefits. By banning it, the FDA created the opposite of what it wanted from its ruling, driving more interest in NMN supplementation.

NMN Supplements – FAQs

Q: Why are NMN Supplements Expensive?

A: Some individuals express dissatisfaction with the pricing of NMN supplements. These supplements aren’t cheap, and some brands charge hundreds of dollars for their products. The reality is the costs of producing NMN are high, especially when manufacturing it to 98% purity. The recent trend in NMN supplement popularity also leads to price gouging by some brands.

Q: Why Supplement With NMN?

A: NAD levels drop as we age, advancing the signs of aging. NMN converts to NAD+ in the body, allowing your body to rebuild its NAD levels, creating an anti-aging effect while improving longevity. NAD has several health-enhancing benefits and dramatically enhances your feeling of well-being.

Q: Is It Safe to Supplement With NMN?

A: Yes. A 2024 study on NMN supplementation shows no adverse effects in users, even with prolonged use up to 12 weeks. There is no liver toxicity; you’ll only see benefits from using NMN, with no side effects. However, if you suffer from chronic disease or you’re using medication, consult your doctor before supplementing with NMN.

Q: Is There a Difference Between NAD and NMN Supplements?

A: NAD and NMN supplements share the same goal: to boost the body’s NAD+ levels. However, raw NAD supplements don’t absorb well. NMN is a unique compound that bypasses the liver and converts into NAD in the tissues and blood. You’ll increase NAD levels faster with NMN than supplementing with pure NAD.

Q: Is There a Difference Between NR and NMN Supplements?

A: NR and NMN supplements provide the building blocks required for NAD production. NR supplements contain nicotinamide riboside (NR and). NMN supplements contain nicotinamide mononucleotide. However, NMN supplements offer faster results in raising NAD levels.

Q: Can I Buy NMN Supplements From Amazon or Other Online Retailers?

A: No. Supplements containing NMN were prohibited by the FDA in 2024. Therefore, you won’t find them available for purchase on the American-facing side of the site. Typically, NMN supplements are available from international retailers where the FDA does not influence its manufacturing processes. Currently, NMN supplements exist in a gray area of legislation, and there’s no verdict on whether it will be classified as a medication or a supplement.

Q: Does NAD Occur Naturally in Foods?

A: Yes. Some foods are natural sources of NAD. Tuna, chicken, and turkey are rich in niacin, one of the key ingredients the body needs to increase NAD. However, their amount is insignificant to create any lasting improvement in NAD levels as you age. Therefore, supplement with NMN to boost NAD after age 30.

Q: What Results Can I Expect From Supplementing With NMN?

A: NMN supplements create a noticeable anti-aging effect in a few weeks of regular supplementation. You’ll see the lines and crows’ feet on your face shrink and disappear. Your friends will compliment you on how much younger you look, and you’ll feel more vital and full of energy.

Q: What is the Ideal Daily Dose of NMN?

A: Based on scientific studies, a daily 250mg intake of NMN is the minimum effective dosage. Our review of the best supplement brands focuses on products offering a minimum of 250mg. However, some products contain up to 400 mg per dose. Research shows taking up to 1,000mg of NMN daily with no adverse side effects is safe.

Q: How Can I Improve NAD levels?

A: The most effective way to boost NAD levels is by supplementing with NMN. Food doesn’t offer enough NAD to make a difference to your well-being, and NAD supplements are ineffective as they don’t absorb. NR is an option, but supplementing with NMN is the better option.

Q: When is the Best Time to Use Nmn, and How Do I Take It?

A: We recommend consuming your NAD supplement on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. This dosing strategy ensures your body gets immediate access to the NMN in the morning, where it works through it as it moves through its natural circadian rhythm.

Key Takeaways – The Top-Rated NMN Supplement Brands for 2024

NAD is a critical coenzyme responsible for maintaining metabolic rate.

It has a powerful antioxidant effect on the body, eliminating free radicals that cause the signs of aging.

The sudden surge in the popularity of NMN supplements is due to their proven anti-aging effect.

The sale of NMN supplements in the United States was made illegal by the FDA in late 2024.

The best NMN supplements have a minimum dose of 250mg and range up to 400mg per dose.

Some NMN supplements utilize another compound, nicotinamide riboside (NR), to create NAD in the body.

NMN supplements are expensive due to the advanced manufacturing processes that raise their purity to the 98% threshold.

Our review of the best NMN supplements gives you the top-rated products. There’s something to suit any budget.


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