Glucogon Reviews (Real or Fake) What are Actual Users Saying!

Glucogon is a blood sugar support supplement marketed primarily to people with type 2 diabetes.

By taking Glucogon daily, you can purportedly use a blend of 18 active ingredients to “lower blood sugar and contribute to healthy insulin production.”

Does Glucogon work? How does Glucogon help with blood sugar? Please keep reading in our review to learn everything you need to know about Glucogon today.

What is Glucogon?

Glucogon is a nutritional supplement featuring a blend of 18 natural ingredients.

The 18 ingredients in Glucogon include vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and amino acids. Many of these ingredients were specifically chosen for their ability to “lower blood sugar and contribute to healthy insulin production,” according to the manufacturer.

Key ingredients in Glucogon include vitamins and minerals – like vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and magnesium – along with plant extracts and herbs – like licorice, gymnema sylvestre, and banaba leaf extract.

To use Glucogon, take two capsules of the supplement daily with a glass of water. The natural ingredients go to work over 24 hours to support healthy blood sugar and promote other benefits.

Glucogon is exclusively sold online, where it’s priced at $61.99 per bottle.


Glucogon Benefits

Glucogon comes with benefits like:

  • Lower blood sugar
  • Contribute to healthy insulin production and unlock your body’s insulin sensitivity
  • 18 powerful, natural ingredients in one convenient capsule
  • Promote vitality, energy, metabolism, and overall wellness
  • Blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs, plant extracts, and amino acids
  • Available exclusively online at discount rate

How Does Glucogon Work?

Glucogon provides a blend of 18 ingredients linked to blood sugar control and insulin production.

The primary goal of Glucogon is to support healthy blood sugar and contribute to healthy insulin production.

However, Glucogon doesn’t just claim to support healthy blood sugar. The supplement specifically claims to lower blood sugar and contribute to insulin sensitivity and regulation.

Each serving of Glucogon contains a blend of active ingredients linked to blood sugar control, including vitamin C, biotin, chromium, alpha lipoic acid, taurine, and vanadium. These ingredients have been linked to blood sugar control across multiple studies.

In addition to supporting healthy blood sugar, Glucogon claims to “fortify your cells” and provide antioxidant support. Many of the ingredients in Glucogon work by supporting healthy inflammation. Diabetics tend to have high levels of inflammation, and taking a supplement like Glucogon can help lower inflammation.

Glucogon claims to do more than manage blood sugar: it aims to promote overall health and wellness in multiple ways. Here’s how the makers of Glucogon describe the benefits:

“With “Glucogon,” you’re not just managing blood sugar but safeguarding your overall health.”

Although the primary goal of Glucogon is to support healthy blood sugar, it can also promote overall health and wellness in multiple ways – from inflammation to immune function – using a blend of natural ingredients.

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Glucogon Ingredients

Each capsule of Glucogon contains handpicked natural ingredients linked to blood sugar control, inflammation, and overall health and wellness.

Here are all the ingredients in Glucogon and how they work:

Vitamin C: Glucogon contains one of nature’s best antioxidants, vitamin C. Vitamin C is naturally present in fruits and vegetables, which is one reason why a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is linked to better health. Vitamin C can support overall health and wellness in diabetics and non-diabetics alike. Because people with diabetes tend to have higher inflammation in their bodies than non-diabetics, the vitamin C in Glucogon could be beneficial for diabetics.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant molecule that, like vitamin C, is linked to healthy inflammation throughout the body. When inflamed, it’s difficult for your body to balance blood sugar on its own. High levels of inflammation are also associated with joint pain, immune system dysfunction, low energy, and other issues. High inflammation makes it difficult for your body to function normally overall, which is why alpha lipoic acid and vitamin C play a crucial role in Glucogon and how it works.

Taurine: Taurine is an amino acid known for its effects on energy and inflammation. Like alpha lipoic acid and vitamin C, taurine appears to have antioxidant effects, neutralizing free radicals throughout the body to promote healthy inflammation. Taurine can also boost energy at the cellular level, increasing metabolism and helping your body burn more calories at rest. Plus, according to the makers of Glucogon, taurine “can improve insulin sensitivity,” which is one reason why it’s found in various anti-diabetic supplements.

Vanadium: Vanadium is a crucial mineral for overall health and wellness. It’s also linked to insulin and improved glucose uptake. Some doctors recommend diabetics take vanadium supplements daily to promote healthy blood sugar levels.

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Chromium: Studies show people with diabetes have lower chromium levels than healthy adults, which is why many diabetics take chromium supplements. Chromium appears to be linked to blood sugar balance, and taking chromium daily can promote overall health and wellness. If you’re deficient in chromium, your body may struggle to balance blood sugar on its own.

Biotin: Biotin, or vitamin B7, is linked to energy production, cellular metabolism, and overall health. The makers of Glucogon added biotin to the formula because it’s “essential for glucose metabolism” and “helps in regulating blood sugar levels,” according to the official website.

Cayenne: Cayenne is a type of pepper found in weight loss aids, blood sugar support supplements, and general health and wellness formulas. According to the makers of Glucogon, cayenne “may help improve insulin sensitivity and metabolism.” Cayenne is packed with natural molecules like capsaicin that appear to interact with various parts of your body to promote active effects.

White Mulberry: White mulberry leaf extract “contains compounds that can slow the breakdown of sugars in the gut,” according to the makers of Glucogon. Some foods have a high glycemic index because your body absorbs the sugar in the foods quickly, causing blood sugar levels to spike. When foods have a low glycemic index, your body doesn’t break them down as fast, causing a smaller spike in blood sugar.

Guggul: Guggul is a resin extract used for centuries in traditional medicine worldwide. It’s used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as a natural energy booster. Guggul can “support blood sugar regulation,” according to the makers of Glucogon.

Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf: Gymnema sylvestre leaf extract, like guggul, has been used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries. It’s native to parts of Southeast Asia, where it’s been used as a natural energy booster and vitality-enhancing supplement for many years. Today, gymnema sylvestre is best known for its blood sugar-supporting properties, and many people take it daily for blood sugar balance. The makers of Glucogon describe gymnema sylvestre as the “sugar destroyer” for its ability to reduce sugar cravings and help lower blood sugar levels.

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Bitter Melon: Glucogon contains bitter melon extract, one of the most popular natural diabetes supplement ingredients available today. Bitter melon, or Momordica charantia, is packed with a natural molecule called momordicin. Some studies have connected momordicin to improved blood sugar control. The leaves of the bitter melon plant have an exceptionally high concentration of the molecule. By condensing the leaves into a concentrated formula, Glucogon makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of bitter melon on blood sugar control.

Yarrow: Yarrow is a type of flower that, like the four ingredients above, has a long history of use in traditional medicine. Some take yarrow daily for inflammation and overall health and wellness, while others use yarrow for blood sugar balance. According to the makers of Glucogon, yarrow “may help regulate blood sugar levels and improve digestion.”

Juniper: Juniper is a type of berry rich in vitamin C. By taking juniper daily, you can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and neutralize free radicals throughout the body, according to the makers of Glucogon.

Banaba Leaf: Banaba leaf is rich in a natural molecule called corosolic acid. That molecule can support healthy blood sugar levels. According to the makers of Glucogon, banaba leaf “may help lower blood sugar levels” because of the natural corosolic acid within the leaf, and multiple studies have validated this effect.

Manganese: Manganese is an essential mineral for hundreds of bodily functions. It’s critical for nervous system health. According to the makers of Glucogon, manganese “supports the proper functioning of enzymes involved in glucose metabolism.” When these enzymes can metabolize glucose more efficiently, less glucose circulates in your blood, keeping blood sugar levels stable. Studies show people deficient in manganese may have a higher risk of imbalanced blood sugar.

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Zinc: Glucogon contains zinc, an essential mineral linked to immune function, hormone production, and other crucial bodily roles. The makers of Glucogon added zinc to the formula because it’s “involved in insulin storage and release,” helping contribute to better blood sugar control. When your body can store and release insulin more efficiently, it can better manage blood sugar.

Magnesium: Magnesium plays a vital role in insulin function, helping to keep blood sugar stable, according to the makers of Glucogon. Magnesium is also linked to nervous system health. If you’re deficient in magnesium, your body could struggle to balance blood sugar and perform basic nerve functions as it should.

Licorice: Licorice isn’t just a candy ingredient; it has a long history of use in traditional medicine. Today, it’s used in the supplement industry for digestion, blood sugar balance, and general health and wellness. The makers of Glucogon added licorice to the formula because it “may help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation,” according to the manufacturer.

How to Take Glucogon

The makers of Glucogon recommend taking two capsules daily with a glass of water.

What to Expect After Taking Glucogon

The official Glucogon website is filled with claims of lowering blood sugar and promoting overall health using the formula.

Here are some of the effects you could experience after taking Glucogon, according to the manufacturer:

Regulate Blood Glucose Levels and Lower Blood Sugar: Glucogon claims to “regulate blood glucose levels” and “lower blood sugar.” Whether diabetic, pre-diabetic, or non-diabetic, blood sugar control is crucial for overall health. If your body struggles to regulate blood sugar independently, you may need to follow a doctor-recommended treatment plan. A treatment plan could include prescription medication, weight loss, a healthy diet, and supplements. Although Glucogon is not designed to replace diabetic medicine, the supplement claims to support healthy blood sugar in multiple ways.

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Support Weight Management: Imbalanced blood sugar levels can cause you to crave sugar and carbs – even when you’re full. When blood sugar levels fluctuate, sticking to a balanced diet isn’t easy. Glucogon can help promote weight management by contributing to healthy blood sugar levels.

Support Normal Metabolism: Diabetics tend to have slower metabolism than non-diabetics. A slower metabolism lowers energy and makes it difficult to lose weight. Your body isn’t burning as many calories at rest as it normally would, making it virtually impossible to lose weight – even if you’re eating right and exercising. According to the makers of Glucogon, the supplement can support normal metabolism.

Contribute to the Regulation of Hormonal Activity: Glucogon doesn’t claim to raise or lower certain hormones; instead, the supplement “contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity,” according to the makers of Glucogon. Insulin is one hormone that could be affected by the ingredients in Glucogon. Many diabetics also have fluctuating levels of hormones linked to energy, appetite control, and fullness.

Help Reduce Appetite & Caloric Intake: Glucogon can also help with weight loss by helping to reduce appetite, making it easier to reduce your caloric intake. Typically, following a low-calorie diet is difficult because of the hunger pangs and cravings. You might stick with a low-calorie diet in the short term only to break the diet in the long term. Glucogon helps by reducing appetite, helping you naturally eat fewer calories without feeling like you’re starving yourself.

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Scientific Evidence for Glucogon

Glucogon does not have a reference page, and the supplement manufacturer provides limited information about the medical or scientific expertise used to create the supplement. However, there are many studies validating the individual ingredients within Glucogon and how they work. We’ll review that evidence below.

Chromium could help with insulin resistance, according to some studies. A 2004 study, frequently cited by diabetes supplement manufacturers, showed chromium appeared to play a role in type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and insulin resistance. By taking a chromium supplement, you could reverse chromium deficiency, helping to support healthy blood sugar throughout your body.

Taking a vitamin C supplement appears to reduce blood sugar and improve symptoms of diabetes overall, according to a 2011 study published in Advances in Pharmacological Sciences. In that study, researchers tested the effects of a vitamin C supplement on a group of 70 patients with type 2 diabetes. Researchers found those in the vitamin C group reduced fasting blood sugar and post meal blood glucose significantly compared to those in the placebo group. All participants in the study took metformin, the popular diabetes drug, with those in the vitamin C group experiencing more significant benefits.

Evaluating Glucogon without knowing the dose or concentration of any active ingredients is difficult. It’s unclear which ingredient is the largest or most important in the formula, as the manufacturer provides limited ingredient and dosage information upfront.

Overall, Glucogon contains various ingredients that could help support healthy blood sugar in various ways.

Glucogon Pricing

Glucogon is available online from the official website. The more bottles you buy, the more money you can save.


Here’s how pricing works when ordering Glucogon online today:

  • Order one bottle for $61.99
  • Order two bottles for $111.99 ($55.99 Per bottle)
  • Order three bottles for $154.99 & get one bottle free ($38.75 Per bottle)

Each bottle of Glucogon contains a one-month supply, or 30 servings (60 capsules). You take two capsules daily to promote blood sugar balance and control.

Glucogon does not list any type of refund policy. If you’re unhappy with the supplement, contact the manufacturer to ask about a possible refund.

About Glucogon

Glucogon is made by a company that does business under the same name. That company sells Glucogon exclusively online through Glucogon.com.

You can contact the manufacturer of Glucogon and the company’s customer service team via the following:

  • Online Form: https://glucogon.com/pages/contact

Final Word

Glucogon is a blood sugar support supplement available exclusively online.

Featuring a blend of 18 natural ingredients, Glucogon uses herbs, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to promote blood sugar balance and energy in multiple ways.

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