The Phoenix Device for Men: Review ALL the Facts Before Using! (Updated)

Why Are Men Buying The Phoenix Over Male Enhancement Pills?

Taking male enhancement pills to deal with common sexual health issues has been the only popular solution for the longest time – but not anymore. Today, the field of male healthcare has experienced a lot of changes and its development has paved the way for numerous innovative alternatives for pre-existing solutions.

The Phoenix, for instance, has helped thousands of men all over the world boost their sexual function while preventing age-related sexual decline naturally.

Our team was impressed by how users aren’t supposed to consume anything, as is the case when taking male enhancement pills – which means that your digestive system will be spared from processing harsh substances!

As we were browsing through The Phoenix reviews online, we found that most people who have used this device for at least 3 to 4 months have reported experiencing several male health benefits – including lasting longer in bed.

Hence, we decided to order The Phoenix to check whether it is the right fit for us as well. Spoiler: it helped us improve our male health and sexual performance to a great extent!

If you are interested in knowing more about our experience and all the relevant aspects of The Phoenix, make sure to read till the end. Let us begin right away by checking out its brief overview:

Device Name:

The Phoenix

Technology Used:

Li-ESWT technology

Created By:

Launch Medical


1-year warranty


  • The Phoenix device
  • Medical-grade stainless steel tip
  • AC Power Adapter
  • A packet of proprietary lubricant
  • A packet of topical numbing cream
  • Detailed instructions

Monthly Payments:

Affordable monthly payment plans are offered at 0% APR


  • Its official website states that the technology used in The Phoenix boasts a 94% success rate
  • More than 55,000 men have benefited from this device
  • More affordable than in-clinic treatments
  • Discreet shipping


  • May be too expensive for some people

Health Benefits:

  • Improved sexual health
  • Enhanced sexual function
  • Prevention of age-related sexual decline


$879 (Official Website)


90-day satisfaction guarantee

Who Created The Phoenix? Can All Men Use It?

The Phoenix is a male enhancement device created by Launch Medical. This company is known for the strict safety regulations it follows during the manufacturing process of its products, which is why so many people trust The Phoenix before they even start using it.

Since the group of medical experts that designed The Phoenix claim that it uses a premium grade technology to activate the body’s natural response to enhance sexual performance, we understand how it may seem like the perfect fit for a vast majority of men suffering from sexual health issues.

However, our team doesn’t think it’s for everyone. One, it is quite expensive, which is why people who have a tight budget may hesitate to invest in it. That being said, it is a long-term investment because we found The Phoenix quite durable.

We recommend The Phoenix to all men who want to promote better sexual function in their bodies but don’t want to consume pills and powders every single day. We also found it useful for professionals with busy schedules because The Phoenix needs to be used just twice a week. However, we must highlight that The Phoenix has been designed for men who are over 18 only.

In What Ways Can The Phoenix Promote Your Male Health?

Before we dive deep into the working mechanism of The Phoenix, we’d like to walk you through some of the best male health benefits we enjoyed while using this device. A few of them include:

Our Sexual Health Improved Over Time

Since some of the major root causes of sexual health issues are present at the cellular level, most male health pills and powders fall short in terms of curing them. However, we found The Phoenix effective for boosting sexual health quickly as well as effectively.

Most of our team members reported improved sexual health. Within about three months of using The Phoenix, we stopped having softness in the penile tissues during intimate activities completely.

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We Didn’t Have To Deal With Age-Related Sexual Decline Anymore

Aging is a natural and inevitable process, but sexual decline is not. The patented technology used in The Phoenix can help prevent any age-related sexual health issues that you might be dealing with.

We noticed that The Phoenix helped us reverse age-related sexual decline as well. We didn’t feel tired as soon as we started having intercourse anymore, thanks to the better blood circulation in our penile tissues.

We Started Lasting Longer In Bed

One of the best benefits of The Phoenix is that it helps improve stamina among men. Our team members noted that the duration for which they last in bed started going up significantly after they used The Phoenix regularly for about 2 months.

Although the sound waves emitted by The Phoenix are clinical-graded and powerful, we didn’t find them harsh. None of The Phoenix reviews we came across complained about the intensity of its soundwaves either, but we did come across a lot of posts applauding this device’s ability to improve the duration for which they last in bed.

How Does The Phoenix Work? Is Its Technology Proven By Science?

Now that we have gone through the top health benefits that The Phoenix can induce among its users, it is time to understand how this device works. After some research, our team found that this device uses powerful soundwaves that are potent enough to stimulate the body to improve sexual function.

We were impressed to see that The Phoenix uses the same energy signatures as the ones we see in a doctor’s office. However, the only difference is that this device allows you to enjoy its benefits in the comfort of your home.

Since exposing our penis to powerful soundwaves doesn’t sound like the easiest task, we started checking out whether it is safe. Fortunately, we came across several resources that confirm how its Li-ESWT technology can promote better sexual function among men of all ages over 18 without degrading their overall well-being in most cases.

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Who Can Benefit From Using The Phoenix?

The Phoenix is a versatile and powerful tool that can benefit a wide range of individuals. Here are some groups of people who may find the Phoenix especially beneficial:

Men Seeking Non-Invasive Male Enhancement Solutions

The Phoenix is designed for men who are looking for non-invasive solutions. Unlike traditional treatments that may involve surgery or medication with potential side effects, The Phoenix uses low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (LI-ESWT) to improve sexual function.

This makes it an attractive option for those who wish to avoid invasive procedures or the systemic effects of male enhancement medications.

Individuals with Age-Related Sexual Decline

As men age, they may experience a natural decline in sexual performance. The Phoenix is beneficial for this demographic as it aims to reverse sexual aging by repairing cells and tissues, thereby enhancing smooth muscle function. This device can be particularly helpful for older men who are seeking to maintain or regain their sexual vitality without resorting to pharmaceuticals.

Men Who Value Privacy and Convenience

The Phoenix offers the convenience of at-home treatment, which is a significant advantage for men who value their privacy and prefer not to discuss their sexual health issues in a clinical setting. The device’s discreet nature and the ability to use it in the privacy of one’s home make it a suitable option for those who are uncomfortable with or unable to access traditional healthcare services.

Those Looking for a Cost-Effective Male Enhancement Treatment

Men who are concerned about the ongoing costs associated with male enhancement medications or the high price of clinical treatments may find The Phoenix to be a cost-effective alternative.

With a one-time purchase, users can perform multiple treatments at home, potentially saving money over time compared to recurring costs of prescriptions or clinical visits.

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Individuals Seeking a Drug-Free Approach

The Phoenix is ideal for men who prefer a drug-free approach to treating male enhancement and sexual issues. This can include individuals who may have contraindications to male enhancement medications due to other health conditions or those who simply wish to avoid the potential side effects associated with pharmaceutical treatments.

By using acoustic wave therapy, The Phoenix provides a treatment option that does not involve ingesting any substances.

Men with Busy Schedules

Professionals with busy schedules or those who cannot frequently visit a doctor for ED treatments may benefit from The Phoenix. The device requires just two treatment sessions per week, each lasting about 17 minutes, followed by a rest period. This manageable routine can easily fit into a busy lifestyle, offering a practical solution for maintaining sexual health without disrupting daily activities.


The Phoenix Vs. Male Health Pills: What Do We Recommend?

Since there are tons of male health pills available on the market, why should one ditch them and choose The Phoenix instead? We had the same doubt when we first came across this device, so let us walk you through the pointers that helped us answer this question:

The Phoenix doesn’t expose your body to intense ingredients that may cause side effects. On the other hand, male health pills require you to consume the supplements that may strain your digestive system

Unlock Your Sexual Potential with The Phoenix!

The Phoenix is a one-time investment and a single device can last you for a long period. However, you will have to buy the packages of male health pills every time you run out of stock

The Phoenix uses clinical-grade and powerful soundwaves that boast extensive scientific backing. Whereas, a majority of male health pills follow a “holistic approach” to promoting sexual function that isn’t backed by research in most cases.

How Much Does The Phoenix Cost? How To Buy It?

The Phoenix costs $879 if you make a one-time investment. While it may seem too expensive to some people, we found its cost at par with the benefits this device can offer. Because it induces visible results within a few weeks, the cost isn’t anything crazy.

We like how The Phoenix provides a finance plan to people who would prefer paying in monthly installments instead. Its finance plans can go as low as $43 per month with 0% APR.

Does The Phoenix Come With A Satisfaction Guarantee?

Since most people report experiencing the benefits of using The Phoenix within about 2 to 3 months, our team was satisfied with its money-back guarantee policy – which is valid for up to 90 days.

If, during the 3 months after your package gets delivered, you don’t notice positive changes in your sex life – you can get in touch with the staff of The Phoenix and file for a refund.

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What Is The Shipping Policy Of The Phoenix?

Since The Phoenix is already quite expensive, we were relieved to find no additional shipping costs on its checkout page. Our team didn’t have to wait long to receive our The Phoenix packages either, and most of us got our orders delivered within 5 to 7 days.

However, if you live outside the USA, the time frame during which your The Phoenix package gets delivered may vary. Furthermore, we loved how our The Phoenix was sent in discreet packaging to guard our privacy.

Is The Phoenix Covered By Insurance?

The Phoenix, a male enhancement device utilizing Li-ESWT technology, is primarily designed for home use to improve sexual health and performance. Despite its innovative approach and potential benefits for users, it is important to understand its standing in terms of insurance coverage.

Lack of Insurance Coverage

As of the current landscape, The Phoenix is not typically covered by insurance providers. This is because it is classified as a personal wellness device rather than a medically necessary treatment.

Insurance companies often distinguish between devices and treatments that are considered essential for medical care and those that are deemed as enhancing the quality of life or personal wellness. The Phoenix falls into the latter category, which leads to the exclusion from standard health insurance plans.

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Alternative Financing Options

Recognizing the potential barrier that the lack of insurance coverage could pose, the manufacturers of The Phoenix have implemented financing options to make the device more accessible to a broader audience.

These financing plans are designed to break down the total cost into manageable monthly payments, often with competitive or even 0% APR, depending on the terms and eligibility of the applicant. This approach allows individuals who might benefit from the device to access it without the upfront financial burden, making it a viable option despite the absence of insurance support.

Our Take

While The Phoenix offers a promising solution for men seeking to improve their sexual health and performance without resorting to invasive treatments or medications, it’s crucial for potential users to be aware of the insurance implications.

The lack of coverage by most insurance providers necessitates looking into the available financing options provided by the manufacturers, ensuring that those interested can still consider incorporating The Phoenix into their wellness routine without the stress of immediate full payment.

How Quickly Can The Phoenix Start Inducing Positive Results?

According to some The Phoenix reviews, men have reported experiencing improved sexual function within just 2 to 3 weeks of using this device. However, the sound waves of The Phoenix may take up to 3 to 4 months to stimulate your body’s natural reaction of boosting sexual function in most cases.

We find it worth noting that certain The Phoenix reviews also report some cases in which men had to use this device consistently for about 5 months to enjoy its benefits – but this time frame seems to be the upper limit!

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How To Use The Phoenix To Boost Sexual Performance?

Although the patented technology used in The Phoenix may seem a bit complicated for people who aren’t well-versed in this field, we found using this device quite simple.

All you have to do is find some time twice a week to use The Phoenix for about 17 minutes. The instruction manual that comes with its package guided us pretty well as we used it on our penis.

However, that was our ritual for the first 30 days after we started using The Phoenix. After that, we were asked to give our body a 30-day rest period. This cycle of 30-day application and 30-day rest periods should be followed each time!

Conclusion – Is The Phoenix A Standalone Solution For Male Health?

All in all, The Phoenix is designed to be a standalone treatment for improving male sexual health. However, it can be part of a broader approach to sexual wellness that may include lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, and other therapies as recommended by a healthcare provider.

It’s important to discuss the use of The Phoenix with a healthcare professional, especially if you are currently undergoing other treatments for sexual health issues.

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