Paingone Plus Reviews – Proven Pain Relief Support or Real Customer Risks?

Paingone Plus is a handheld TEN pen that helps consumers relieve pain without using medication or any remedy that has to be massaged into the skin. The device is easy to operate and made for a broad audience with many different types of pain.

What is Paingone Plus?

Finding the best way to ease tension and reduce pain can be difficult. After all, the industry for pain relieving products is massive, profiting billions of dollars every year as they stop pain without getting to the root of the problem. Consumers who take medication are at serious risk of developing addictions to the solutions that were prescribed. When it comes to pain relief, the best answer is usually the simplest, and that’s why Paingone Plus is so effective.

Using TENS therapy, Paingone Plus helps consumers eliminate pain at the exact sites where it happens. Instead of taking medication that can take at least an hour to work or using a topical muscle relaxing formula that only deals with the problem for a brief time, this device makes it simple. Consumers can handle pain within just one minute, even if they’ve had it for a long time. The solution is quick, natural, and safe for most types of pain.

As the user engages in this therapy, they might feel a tingling or pulsing sensation, which is perfectly normal. However, the Paingone Plus is soothing and easy to use; many people don’t feel the signal. Small enough to carry along in a pocket, it is easy to use wherever the pain happens, rather than worrying about keeping medication on hand in a purse or pocket. It requires no prescription and will not affect the use of pain relief medications.


How Does Paingone Plus Give Relief?

The entire basis behind the success of Paingone Plus comes down to the use of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology. The success of TENS technology has become so popular that hospitals use it as a quick solution for patient pain. But what makes it so unique? How does this type of technology translate into pain relief?

During TENS therapy, consumers naturally reduce the pain signals in the body that travel through the spinal cord to the brain. It brings relaxation to the muscles, which inherently reduces pain as well. This systematic reaction sets off the production of endorphins, the natural painkillers in the body. The method stimulates the nerves using a mild electrical current, which is gentle on the body. At the most, some users experience painless pulsing from the device.

When consumers use Paingone Plus, they utilize this technology in a single handheld device. As soon as the user makes contact with the part of their body experiencing pain, they provide stimulation to the nerves to trigger serotonin and opioid production in the brain. The nerve stimulation creates a signal, sending a message to the brain to stop alerting the body of this chronic or acute pain.

Consumers don’t need much space to carry this device, and they don’t need to worry about fiddling with pills and capsules. Instead, everything is condensed into a single device that can provide relief whenever the user requires it. It relieves pain all over the body, targeting whatever area is experiencing discomfort. It works for the arms, neck, back, feet, knees, wrists, elbows, and everything else that generally experiences this type of pain.

While other methods require users to participate in the therapy for at least 15 minutes to see any change, they often leave users confused over the proper replacement of wires and electrodes. Finding the best pain relief is nearly impossible, except for consumers who use the Paingone Pro for about 1-2 minutes to get relief. Condensing the technology into a portable pen means that consumers have no wires to worry about, and there is no risk of improperly applying sticky pads. Everything is condensed inside the TEN pen.

Buying Paingone Plus

The Paingone Plus pen can be purchased from the official website. The website offers packages so customers can stock up on their orders. Consumers who order multiple devices simultaneously will get a discount applied to their purchase of the TENS pen.

Choose from:

  • One Paingone Plus Pen for $59.99 + Shipping Fees
  • Buy One, Get One at 50% off Paingone Plus Pens for $89.98 + Free Shipping
  • Buy Two Paingone Plus Pens, Get One Free for $119.98 + Free Shipping

While shipping is calculated at checkout, consumers also have the protection of knowing that if this formula doesn’t work for their needs, they can return it for a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paingone Plus

Q. How long does the session need to be to provide the user with pain relief?

A. Using TENS is highly effective, so most people feel a difference within the first application. Unfortunately, this is uncommon, so many users should use the pen for at least three weeks to ensure they get the full benefits.

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Q. Who is not a good candidate for using Paingone Plus?

A. Even though the creators strive to make this good for everyone, users with existing pacemakers, heart issues, or epilepsy should not use it. It should also not be used on someone with a pacemaker or sensitive skin. As safe as it is, most doctors advise them not to use it for women who are pregnant or under age 18.

Q. Is this treatment painful?

A. While users can sometimes feel the signal that Paingone Plus releases, it feels more like tingling or pulsing. Typically, consumers do not report experiencing pain, using the sensation to indicate that the pain will soon be relieved. If the user doesn’t feel the tingling or pulsing, they should not worry that the device isn’t working. Some areas of the body are less sensitive than others.

Q. How do consumers know that Paingone Plus will work for their pain?

A. This TEN pen is made to work for many different areas of the body, which means it covers many kinds of pain. According to the current studies on this type of therapy, Paingone Plus can be a helpful solution for the shoulders, back, arms, and legs.

Q. What if the user struggles to reach the part of their body that needs pain relief?

A. Even though the device can work for any area it can touch, some people struggle to reach the part of their back that would benefit from the pain relief. This device works without help, but consumers who need someone else to reach their pain area can ask for someone else to apply it. To ensure proper conduction of these electrical pulses, anyone who helps the user must maintain skin-to-skin contact (like a hand on a shoulder).

Q. What kind of power does Paingone Plus require?

A. Users will need an AAA battery to power the device. No recharging is required; one battery should allow users to use this device for 800 applications.

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Q. How do consumers use Paingone Plus?

A. Even though former TENS therapy sessions required adhesive pads and many wires, the same is not true of Paingone Plus. Users need to place the device where they have pain, press the button, and get relief. It is easy to activate, even for consumers with pain in their hands or fingers.

Q. How long before Paingone Plus arrives after a payment is made?

A. Once the order goes out within 48 hours of being placed, it takes 3-5 business days to deliver in the United States. International orders take slightly longer.

Q. Can users track their orders?

A. Yes. Users will receive their invoice in their e-mail inbox and a separate e-mail for tracking information.

Q. What if the user does not get the relief they hoped for?

A. Since there is a money-back guarantee, consumers have up to 60 days to request a refund if this device is not working for their pain. According to the creators, less than 10% of orders require a refund.

The customer service team is available for any other questions or concerns via email at:

  • support@getpaingoneplus.io.


Paingone Plus provides consumers with a way to reduce pain without having to swallow any medication. The TEN treatment works quickly to get results, ensuring that any user can stop enduring their pain as soon as possible. It works for chronic or intermittent pain relief. It is even safe to use with medication because nothing goes into the digestive system. Plus, there’s a money-back guarantee for anyone who doesn’t get the relief that they’d hoped for.

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