A climate crisis | Letter

A climate crisis

Aaron Kunkler’s article on feedback loops of CO2 and methane (bothell-reporter.com, July 14) make it clear that global warming is already in danger of becoming an irreversible phenomenon. Though we may hear a lot about global warming, and the existential threat it poses for human beings and many other species, the alarms being sounded are not currently resulting in sufficient action to avert this catastrophe.

Why is this?

Research indicates that human beings don’t respond to future catastrophes. Many people are focused on the daily demands of life. Others don’t believe it will happen, while still others are aware of the consequences of inaction, but feel overwhelmed, disempowered or otherwise unable to affect the necessary change to avert this existential threat.

As a city of Bothell citizen, I call on the Bothell City Council to declare a climate crisis, like many other cities throughout the world are doing. Set as the No. 1 priority to take actions that are researched, effective strategies and technologies for reversing global warming. (see www.drawdown.org) With the city council election near, now is a good time to influence incumbents and candidates.

Scott Patterson


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