A way to keep us healthy | Letter

A way to keep us healthy

A problem has occurred recently that I would like to address.

On Feb. 28, there was a person who had attended our school’s science fair/art walk event and volunteered in one of the classrooms on March 2. Then on March 4, we got a message from the school saying that the same person had the coronavirus. All students were sent home immediately.

Thankfully, I had decided to skip school that day. But I still worry about the exposure and I want to find a way to keep this from happening again.

I would suggest some kind of procedure like what my mother had to do as a field trip chaperone. She gave the school a copy of her driver’s license to get checked out. Perhaps we could try something similar to this before allowing people to volunteer in schools in the future. They could fill out a form about their medical history (whether they’ve been sick or hospitalized recently, etc.). We send it to officials who can determine if there is any risk. This would be an important step in fighting against the menace of COVID-19 or other diseases. We just have to be more cautious.

This way, we can keep everyone happy, healthy and safe.

Azeem Egizi, 11