An unenforceable ban | Letter

As the advisory vote in Snohomish County regarding a fireworks ban approaches, I would like to point something out. This all started with a petition submitted by the South Snohomish County Fire and Rescue Authority to the county council. This petition was put forth by their board of commissioners, who are essentially the politicians of this fire district, NOT by the firefighters’ local union, also known as the actual first responders. I think this is worth considering when voters make their choice in the upcoming election.

Also remember, this is going to happen in the unincorporated areas of the county where the sheriff will be the responding agency. The sheriff’s office doesn’t really do much or anything when fireworks go off the other 364 days of the year when it’s already illegal, so do we really think that will change and magically improve when their call volume will be going up quite drastically on a future 4th of July after a ban is enacted?

Let’s talk to each other about fireworks and educate all parties, not just enact an unenforceable ban on something that won’t stop whether it’s banned or not.

Mike Luke