Thompson, a judge to be proud of | Letter

Judge Paul Thompson was an excellent choice for our governor to make when he appointed him to a seat on our Snohomish County Superior Court bench. And now that the voters have an opportunity to speak, we would urge you to vote to retain judge Thompson.

More than a dozen years ago, we were fortunate to have Paul Thomson appear before us in the Snohomish County District Court in the course of his work as a public defender. The quality of legal representation he provided to those who would otherwise have limited ability to hire an attorney served to level the playing field of the criminal justice system. Importantly, he showed the kind of calm, thoughtful, organized demeanor that later became apparent to the governor and others as he sought his judicial position. We note that he received the highest rating given by many diverse bar organizations prior to his appointment to the bench last year.

We have a combined judicial experience of 58 years and can say, without hesitation, that Paul Thompson has the intellect, work ethic and demeanor to be the kind of judge we can be proud of in Snohomish County. It is also significant that he has been widely endorsed by a broad range of people and organizations who have an interest in our justice system, including law enforcement.

Please join us in casting your vote to retain judge Paul Thompson.

Judges Steve Clough and Patricia Lyon

Snohomish County District Court