Vote for Okoloko | Letter

I support Judge Edirin Okoloko for the position of Superior Court judge. I am a retired Snohomish County Sheriff’s sergeant. I oversaw the major crimes unit for more than 18 years working with eight investigators in charge of homicides, felony assaults and other crimes against persons. We worked closely with the prosecutor’s office during these investigations and this is the arena I came to know of and gain a great respect for then deputy prosecuting attorney (DPA) Edirin Okoloko.

As a DPA, Edirin took the time to learn the case, sometimes better than the detective that investigated the case. He took the time to familiarize himself with all aspects of the case, learning the strengths and weaknesses of the case. He would always involve the detective in discussions about the case in preparation for trial. Just as important, he would always go out of his way to meet with victims and/or their families to keep them informed of the status of their case and answer their questions.

I worked with Judge Okoloko when he was a prosecutor and I have great respect for his compassion for people and professional demeanor working with detectives and victims of violent crimes. Judge Okoloko will always strive to do the right thing to be fair in his judgments and always follow the rule of law.

Please vote to retain judge Edirin Okoloko as Superior Court judge.

Shawn P. Stich