Copperworks Distilling Co. to expand with Kenmore location

Located where Nine Yards Brewing used to be, the venue will be a brewery, pub & eatery.

Seattle-native Copperworks Distilling Company is expanding outside of the Emerald city establishing a new location in Kenmore.

In downtown Kenmore at what used to be Nine Yards Brewing Company near the Burke-Gilman Trail will be the site of Copperworks Distilling Co.’s new pub, eatery and brewery.

President and Co-founder of Copperworks, Jason Parker, said the decision to expand the business was brought on by a very successful year not only for his company but for the liquor and spirits industry as a whole.

He said the 5,000 square feet of newly acquired space will both expand their capacity for distilling and brewing, even allowing them to brew their own beer, and provide a unique venue for serving locals not only their own beer and spirits but also for exploring food service as well.

While Parker could not say specifically what will be on the menu when the pub opens, he did say Nick Jarvis, a 20-year veteran of the hospitality and restaurant industry who spent seven years opening ventures for Tom Douglas Restaurants, would help launch the eatery, and that the venue’s kitchen would be prepared to serve basically anything Jarvis and the staff could imagine.

“It could be anything from pizza to oysters in a half-shell,” Parker said of the menu.

Parker said in the future he and the launch team will be asking residents in Kenmore more about what kind of food and restaurant ventures they may be interested in.

“We are trying to figure out what Kenmore needs,” he said.

The bar program for Copperworks’ Kenmore restaurant is being developed by well-known Seattle bar owner, Chris Elford, of the Tradewinds Tavern and Navy Strength, and two-time James Beard Semifinalist. The menu will rotate around the concept of seasonal cocktails focused on each of Copperworks’ spirits which include whiskeys, gins, and vodka.

Parker said the venue will allow somewhat of an inside look at the brewing and distilling process for the pub’s patrons.

“We enjoy sharing the production process with the community,” said Parker. “It is kind of like a before and after view.”

With the new venue’s location so close to the Burke-Gilman Trail and a major Kenmore roadway, Parker said he expects the location to be increasingly tourist friendly as Kenmore grows and offers increasing amenities. Parker currently lives in West Seattle but he said he plans on one day moving to Kenmore.

“I fell in love with Kenmore,” Parker said. “I am excited to become a part of the community.”

Copperworks Distilling Company’s new Kenmore location is expected to be open around May 2020.