My Mum died suddenly Wednesday April 10, 2019 while on holiday in Florida. Dorothy Irene Walker was born August 12, 1933 to my Big Nanny and Grandad White-Overton of London England.

Her early life consisted of living on a canal boat on the River Thames which nurtured her adventurous spirit. Mum way very athletic, playing field hockey, table tennis and running track. She put me to shame one time when I thought I had it going on. My Mum and her little sister, Aunt Frankie, grew up through the war years of the blitz. They had many adventures then and post-war England. Married my Dad, Norman, in 1953 and had to remain silent about her age to purchase their first house in Ashford Common. They started a family in 1958 with Martyn. Lost baby Timmy in 1961, but recovered with Stuart in 1964. They all moved to Camberly in 1966 and that’s when I come in, Darren, followed by Jonathan in 1969. Growing up, my Mum was always there with loving patience for us ‘four boys’. She packed lunches for picnics in the Ranges, taught us to swim at the seaside, kept us entertained during weekend go-kart racing and hosted epic house parties with lots of friends and family around.

We all moved to the US in 1973 to be closer to Aunt Frankie’s Family and settled in Kenmore. Mum was very active at our schools PTA, serving as president and earning the Golden Acorn award. She was a beautiful presence in our lives as we transitioned to young men. My Mum also worked and formed many lifelong friends along the way from the Fleeheart and Sullivan Girls to DBE. Marty and I were doubly lucky in that we had Mum as a business partner for many years, which took our already close relationship to a new level. I believe us ‘four boys’ learned countless lessons under her gentle guidance and love. I do and always will miss her warm hugs and loving ways, immensely, as will everyone she engaged with.

Love always, Cheers, my darling Mum.

In lieu of flowers please make a donation to the Salvation Army.