I urge my fellow citizens to vote yes on all three upcoming Northshore School District measures

On Feb. 13, the Northshore School District will have two renewal levies and one bond on the ballot. I urge my fellow citizens to vote yes on all three measures.

While we have made some progress in funding from the state as a result of the McCleary decision, the state is not fully funding education. Local levy dollars are needed to support programs the state does not cover.

For example, did you know that, starting in 2019, students will need 24 high school credits in order to graduate? This is mandated by the state Board of Education and yet, they only fund enough to pay for 20 credits. Local levy dollars are needed to support the other credits for each student.

Northshore has seen unprecedented growth over the last few years. Last year alone, we added 700 new students. Many of our schools are at or above capacity. We need a bond to build more schools for our continued growth.

The details of the bond and levies are available at the District website, www.nsd.org. Information is also available at the volunteer Citizens for Northshore schools web site- www.citizensfornorthshoreschools.com.

Proper maintenance of our current schools allows them to last longer and protects our investment. The district has a history of promises made, promises kept. Major remodels in the last few years at Kenmore Middle School and Woodinville High School are but two.

In addition, we opened a brand new high school this year. North Creek High School opened on time and on budget because the district is a good steward with the money they receive.

When schools are well funded and produce quality graduates, we all benefit. I am grateful to the parents who came before me because they funded great schools for my kids. Mine are graduates now and so I feel it’s my duty to support the bond and levies in order to preserve the high quality education we have come to expect in the Northshore District.

Please join me in voting yes for the bond and Levies on February 13.

Patsy Treece,


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