Something is wrong in America | Letter

Something is wrong when the president is elected by a minority but says he won a majority.

Something is wrong when we elect a president who lied for years about Obama’s birthplace.

Something is wrong in when the Washington Post counts more than 5,000 falsehoods from the president.

Something is wrong when children are cruelly taken from their parents.

Something is wrong when we torture.

Something is wrong when the president has a history of connections to organized crime.

Something is wrong when Russia attacks our sovereignty and the president does nothing.

Something is wrong when the president calls the press the “enemy of the people.”

Something is wrong when the president trusts the KGB, not the FBI.

Something is wrong when former director of the CIA says the president’s behavior in Russia “…is no less than treason.”

Something is wrong when the GOP suppresses millions of votes.

Something is wrong when the president calls Neo-Nazis and assorted fascists “fine people.”

Something is wrong when so many warn tyranny is coming.

Something is wrong when corporations are people and money is speech.

Something is wrong when climate change is ignored for short-term profits.

Something is wrong when Evangelicals abandon the teachings of Christ, attacking LGBT and women’ rights.

Something is wrong when world leaders laugh at our bragging president.

Something is wrong when lifelong conservatives like George Will and James Comey say vote for Democrats.

Something is wrong in America. Please vote.

Roger Ledbetter,


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